Adding to my obsession… and a chance to win!

So.. it seems lately not a week goes by without adding something to my fabric stash. I kid you not it is more like the leaning tower.

This turned up in the post today.

Pretty… Pretty… drool worthy fabric and bias binding! The stretchy ribbon was a free gift isn’t it lovely?
This is where your chance to win comes in….. what should I do with it? It’s a little bit more brown than the photo suggests.

Come up with an idea and I will choose the best one! Not only will I create the item and name it after you… but you will receive a free owl mini cushion/beanie and… a discount code of 25% for anything from my shop.

Now who’s going to try?!




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  1. Sarah

     /  August 9, 2012

    Ooh I’d made a flower brooch with it with a lovely big shiny button in the middle šŸ™‚
    Love the cute bird fabric!

  2. i would make a lovely alice band for my little girl Beatrice with a big ruffle type flower with orange & green accent colours xx

  3. or i would make 2 bands one for my other daughter Amelia but use pinks to go with the brown xx

  4. The one on the right I would make a knitting needle roll up thingy or a smaller one for crochet hooks.
    I had more yarn arrive today oops.

  5. buntyw

     /  September 10, 2012

    I’d use it to embellish bags or cushions!
    I love the bird fabric! what is it please??


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