New addiction…?

So.. I might have found another craft addiction…. Crochet!

When I was doing fairs a couple years ago I did try to learn but couldn’t get it to click now I see I was trying the wrong chain… Being inspired and encouraged by a fair few people this week I had inklings to try again then I saw this when doing the local grocery shop….


What really called to me was the woodland theme- those who follow me more regularly know that is one of my obsessions so how could I resist? There’s a fair few projects I wouldn’t mind doing soon.

P1090967 P1090968 P1090969

There’s even a handy guide for newbies or to refresh on stitches. I think I might start the fox later especially since my “practice” piece went ok. It’s meant to be a coaster for hubbie’s desk but it’s wonky… and that’s due to me not picking up the end stitches oops but least I’m learning!

Now try not to laugh…..


What is everyone up to this weekend?


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  1. Crochet what else! And computer of course! Watch the crochet habit: It is HIGHLY additive. You know why? You can crochet ANYTHING:
    Happy weekend!

  2. Now I’m wanting to try crochet too. Those projects look amazing! Can’t wait to see the purse!

  3. confessions_of_an_inkoholic

     /  September 29, 2013

    Well Hannah, guess who just went and bought that magazine too??? I tried crochet before and just couldn’t get the hang of it but I want to learn too. The fox purse is so cute, can’t wait to see how it comes out πŸ™‚

  4. As I said on Twitter I reckon it’s pretty good for a first go, crochet is very addictive though but also really relaxing. I’m loving spending a bit of time each evening adding a little more to a blanket I’m making as a Christmas gift, keeps me snug while I work on it too so it’s a win/win!! πŸ™‚


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