Oooh… err It’s Something Practical!

Yup… you did read that right. I stepped away from my patchwork to do list this week as I really need to a) quilt some b) bind some and.. c) get my patterns finished!

So I ventured into unknown territory…

After throwing a hissy fit with the ironing board completely mucking up my nice new iron! I made this…..



Self drafted (aka completely winged it) it was made in less than a couple of hours. Most of that finding a big enough fabric and faffing about with the elastic threading it through the hem I made.

I’ve been banging on for ages about venturing into dressmaking, I actually bought this fabric august/september last year along with the Collette Ginger pattern but was always too scared to have a go…..

P1100765  P1100771

When I first finished it on wednesday it was late and after seeing the photos I badgered Matt to take I thought I looked like a lampshade! (And no you ain’t seeing that).

I tried it on again this morning and fiddled with my camera timer settings and think I look okay… just about right?! Yes it’s a little high up… loose waist band… unhemmed but overall I think it’s fine. A few more pounds off should sort the fit and taking in the side seams a little.


Plus… look my first ever concealed zip! And I don’t even have the invisible zip foot so feeling pretty pleased with myself. Sure it’s not completely invisible but I rather like it!

Now I can’t wait to try my next project out.. I need to build myself up to trying the Flora Dress so…. any pattern ideas for me? Think a nice summer top or more skirts be lovely. Bearing in mind I’m roughly just over a size 16, curvy with a big chest.

Hope everyone is getting out to enjoy the sun this weekend. I’m going to try either with some EPP or a book (currently on book 19 of the year go me!)




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  1. RoseyToesSews

     /  May 17, 2014

    Oh wow! Your skirt looks fab! You’ve made a great job of it 🙂 xx

  2. Caz

     /  May 17, 2014

    I would love to make myself a skirt,,, but my ‘mothers’ thighs’ put me off, ie, chunky thighs.


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