Yay Something to Show…

So.. it feels like forever since I’ve been here! I’ve had a rash of minis to finish for swaps that I can’t show yet as they are still in the postal system but soon hopefully 🙂

Between that and everything else including the manic extra hours/stress for work I’ve been completely wiped out and demotivated. For awhile I thought I was suffering a seasonal disorder or iron thing but I think it’s starting to pass… yesterday I managed to dig out my sewing machine and made a start on finishing this.


My first Sew Together Bag! I apologise now for the rubbish lighting but I’ve only just finished it and Matthew is already wrapping it ready to offload tomorrow…..

P1110427The inside… *shudders* butterflies….

I’ve only got a few million other things to fit in between now and next Thursday…. good job half day tomorrow right?


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  1. RoseyToesSews

     /  December 18, 2014

    Well done on a fantastic looking sew together bag 🙂 xx

  2. it looks great, well done! How did you find the pattern? I thought it was really hard to follow.

  3. Shuddering with you! Well done though, this time of year is so stressy. I recognise the binding fabric 😉

  4. Gorgeous! I love the fabric:)


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