Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and enjoying some time off! As usual I was still finishing off a couple of gifts right up til boxing day ooops.

This is the quickest quilt I ever made… technically the border and backing fabric (the same blue fleur de lils) did not arrive until Monday. I’m so in love with that fabric think I need to order more to turn into a dress but which dress??


I knew there was a reason I never tried a panel before… the quilting is awful. I tried bobbinline for the first time so not sure if it was that or tension issues combined with my poor basting skills but it was a struggle getting it through the machine stitches were off and weird.

But… the recipient loved it! A 26 year old eeyore mad sister in law 🙂 I even finished  a parisian themed sew together bag for the mother in law.. sadly considering it was finished ten minutes after we needed to leave for boxing day lunch the photos turned fuzzy.


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  1. So cute, Hannah!

  2. Your SIL probably won’t even notice if the stitching is less than perfect, it’s usually only the maker who spots the tiniest of flaws. Just refer to them as ‘character’ and you’ll get away with it!!


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