Little Quilts Swap

So.. a few months ago Sarah Fielke organised a mini quilt swap from the book she cowrote with Amy Lobsiger. I couldn’t resist and signed up!

My partner liked colour and so after a bit of thought I decided on the Fans of May pattern from the book and eventually ended up with this…..

Little Quilts Fans of May FMQ (1)It is one of my favourite quilts from last year and at times it was tough- who knew that ric rac melts and I dislike how much of a mess woolen fabric leaves! I was also naughty and deviated from the pattern slightly by adding buttons to the fans but I thought it looked better and helped to hide the odd foundation piecing mistake!

Little Quilts Fans of May FMQ (2) Little Quilts Fans of May FMQ (3)After doing Sarah’s class at the West Country Quilt Show I practiced my FMQ on the border and the basket gift.Long way to go yet fmq wise but at least it’s a step in the right direction!

It’s also one thing ticked off my FAL Q4 list too!

Little QuiltsThis is what I received from my partner isn’t it lovely? I’ve been oohing and aahing over the pattern in that book and the little pouch and extras are cute!

Unfortunately I don’t think my partner had much experience with foundation piecing before as there are a few mishaps- the points are quite far away meeting up and there’s an exposed seam.I’ve done a fair bit of foundation piecing this week so will share those projects and tips/comments on the technique soon.

But I do love the fabric and am grateful she put all the effort into making this after all that’s what counts and trying new things! But… what to do with it? What do others do with mini quilts if they aren’t on the wall?


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  1. Could it be a doll quilt for a small person you have/know?

  2. Brenda

     /  January 3, 2015

    Not very polite to make these criticisms publicly. You could have just turned off a quilter for life,

    • I think we are going to disagree! In the above I didn’t say much but I do think constructive criticism is always a good thing and I welcome that for anything I create 🙂 I’ve removed the criticism of myself though as that’s for another time.

      • Good for you! Molli Sparkles calls it Truth Tea and I think it is needed so that we can all improve ourselves. You didn’t say you hated it, but were honest with pointing out the flaws. If I were your partner I would love to have your advice on bettering it next time.

  3. I love your mini quilt – it’s so colourful and ‘Happy’! Could your gifted quilt be the front of a cushion cover, or is it the wrong size?

  4. Catrin Lewis

     /  January 14, 2015

    I think that you’ve been very polite in the way that you spoke of the ‘flaws’ in the mini you received. We all enter swaps knowing that our partner could be of a very different level of ability from us. It’s nice to have a reminder that you have been a part of someone else’s quilting journey and pushed them to try something new :0) I myself am too much of a scardy cat to try FPP!

    As far a use for the mini? Maybe you could use it under a vase or something?


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