Angles and the IGMini Swap

Isn’t it interesting how different our brains work? How something one way your brain can’t cope with very well turn it around and it’s something you instantly love! This happened to me on the IGMini Swap.

A month ago I received a customs demand for over £20 for something from the USA. This did not happen at a good time being almost Christmas etc but it turned out it was my IGMini! I waited til payday before paying the ransom and then it arrived…

IG Mini Swap 30s repro mini sampler (2)

IG Mini Swap 30s repro mini sampler (3)Look at all those goodies and 30s fabrics! Normally I’m not a sampler person but I just loved the look of this and that’s the way it will be going on my wall. Once I fiddle with the hanging tab- the creator the lovely SewAggie originally intended it to be hung with those lone squares at the top but to my brain it is more appealing to have the pattern dance from left to right and I just love the fact there are hexies in there!

IG Mini Swap 30s repro mini sampler (1)And… just look at that quilting! Superb!

IG Mini Swap EPP Diamonds (2)My partner was barely on Instagram and didn’t give much away in clues mostly that she liked blue. She had already done a few patterns I had in mind so in the end I decided on EPP some diamonds in a rotating star pattern. I spent ages dithering over the binding and as I was too scared to try an invisible binding with all those edges I opted for a normal one. Which now to me it detracts from the design a little too much! It is slightly handquilted in the centre and the rest machine quilted.

I FMQ the hell out of that basket there too 🙂 Plus it’s one more thing ticked off my FAL Q4 list!

I now need to spend some time fiddling with minis on the wall- how do you do yours? I’ve tried some tape but it keeps falling down and wary of pushpins as they will leave holes in the fabric.


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  1. Claire Nimmo

     /  January 4, 2015

    I find skirt coat hangers a good way to “hang” minis until you’re set on their final placement. They hang quite nicely from pushpins so minimal damage to your wall too!

  2. Just found command strips on amazon following igminiswap. They hold the mini well, leave no marks on wall or mini and can be moved when you want. Great!

  3. Brenda

     /  January 4, 2015

    I save used sewing machine needles to use as sturdy “pins” on my design wall. It’s amazing how fast they accumulate, and they work well to hold multiple layers of fabric, etc. Much sturdier than pins. They wouldn’t be in danger of harming your quilt fabric, I wouldn’t think.

  4. I love how your EPP turned out and the binding looks great, so stop worrying about it! So pleased you finally got your mini and it was definitely worth while.

  5. I can’t believe you had to pay customs on it, was it marked with a value then?!? That’s crazy…

  6. I do this: on the quilts I make, most minis I receive don’t arrive with any hanging bit though so I’ve been drawing pinning them to the breezeblock walls that I have in my sewing room.


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