Quiet Play Zoo Animals BOM

Golly it’s been awhile since I’ve been here… the house has been/still is kinda flu ridden, a work trip to London has left me exhausted and sloooooooow in catching up on sewing!

But………… have you seen Quiet Play’s new BOM?

It’s running for nine months with a free pattern released each pattern (if you miss the month you can buy it). January’s pattern is the flamingo and it did not take me long to stitch it up at all (by the 3rd!)……….

2015-01-27 16.47.58The eye was a little tricky but so so worth it! Can’t wait for the next one to be available 🙂

Anyone else tempted to join in?


P.S- if you’re a fan of Outlander (either the books or the series) see here for a general crafty swap that’s happening… More on that soon…

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  1. LOVE the spotty fabric you used .. made mine to-day .. gave up on the tiny bits around the eye x lol x

  2. Aw! I love the polka dots! I’m not sure about that sad lion in the middle!! And please tell me what a BOM actually is?!

    • Thanks! Ah its an abbreviation for block of the month 🙂 Almost finished the embroidery one I started

      • Aha! That’s a nice idea. You can tell I’m not a quilter… I think it’s a good idea for me to watch on the sidelines before I dive in! Your embroidery is going to be beautiful.

      • Hopefully 🙂 ah yes it’s probably best not to start with these as its foundation pieced. Once you start patchwork it’s addictive 🙂 Do your girls have dolls? As a mini doll quilt be an ideal practice piece for when you fancy trying.

  3. Your flamingo looks good! I’m looking forward to the next block, too.


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