It’s a Kitty Finish!

So a few months ago I was encouraged to join in on the #kittenmqs2015 on Instagram. Since you can’t keep a wolf or a seal as a pet really cats are my favorites! Growing up there was always a cat (or four) around.

I was a little stumped over my partner as she didn’t really post much on Instagram in the end I chose a lovely cat block from the 500 Quilt Blocks book and made this……..


Given that my machine decided to constantly skip stitches I hand quilted around each cat and added buttons for eyes.

P1110905I even managed get hold of some lovely cat buttons and added it to one of my norm gifts these days the quilted basket! Along with some some fabric and treats for the kitties voila! It’s still travelling across the world…

Isn’t what I received sooooooo pretty? And in some 30s repros too.


Plus just look at the cheater on the back…..P1110855Now I just need to finish (umm start) my other swap commitments.


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  1. Beautiful, really beautiful, what a lovely swap idea!

  2. Lovely, I’m doing the dog one soon. On the skipped stitches, when was the last time you changed your needle?

  3. that’s a cute block and makes a great mini! Are they planning on doing a bunny swap do you know? Who do I need to follow on Instagram!


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