FAL Q4 Goals

Wow where has that time gone? To be honest I seem to be sinking a bit lately- a string of bad news over the past few months meant that my sewing time has been practically non-existent and when I find the time…. let’s just say an emotional black hole. It’s also not helping the days are getting shorter and I wish I had bought a SAD lamp earlier in the year to help…

Anyway… hoping this list will kinda maybe get me back on track (sewing wise) at least.

Hmm. Still need finish quilts for little ones… hopefully for Christmas! There’s a sea themed one, irish chain variation and hazel the hedgehog.

My Small World QuiltmaniaYeah… still cut and not pieced. Need crack on with “My Small World”

What else have I got…?P1120895

A paperpieced cushion and an embroidery case…. P1120897

Some hexie baskets……P1120898


Quilts and more quilts with each bundle- patterns designed 🙂P1120900And.. my brother has asked for traditional christmas bunting.. still need hunt done some green to balance it all.

I know.. i know not shared my Simply Solids Retreat time or makes yet and lots of other things I need to show you too! Hopefully soon.. with all the other bits that’s floating around my head.

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  1. Is the lamp helping yet? Once you start sewing in earnest again you may find your mood lifts, it’s therapy in itself! You’ve got so much lovely fabric there and soooo much to do – good luck with it all:)

  2. Lovely unicorn hexy….I think we need a sad lamp too. It’s dreary weather 😦


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