2017 Book List

So… I guess that it’s no surprise I’m continuing with the aim of reading at least 52 books in 2017 and working on that elusive work/life balance 🙂

I’m actually doing pretty good although getting a Kindle last year helped dramatically both in terms of volume and variety. 2014 saw 52 books being read, 2015- 58 and 2016 a massive 135! Eek!

I haven’t discussed what I’m reading as much as I like but I am on Goodreads here. In a nutshell my tastes are varied I tend not to go for anything too deep too oftern (my brain can’t take it after full time work) but I’m happily at home in scifi/fantasy, crime, romance, historical fiction mixture of all…

And here we go….

  1. Hexbound (Book 2 in Dark Arts series) by Bec McMaster
  2. Her Secret Desire (Book 1) by CJ Archer
  3. Scandal’s Mistress (Book 2) by CJ Archer
  4. To Tempt The Devil (Book 3) by CJ Archer
  5. Marked (Book 1 Servants of Fate) by Sarah Fine currently reading
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