2018 FAL Q1

Ok…. looking back at my last FAL list I did a lot better than I thought out of 23 items I completed 5. Happy with that!

Now if only I can do the same this quarter but I may have added a lot of lengthy and detailed items! Which combined with the day job and MSc study… cue insane laughter. Still proud member of the #ridiculouslylongfallist and it could have been worse.



1. Christmas Tablecloth- an old faithful which is slowly getting to completion each year. Ashamed to admin it saw it’s third christmas on the table not quite completed…


2. Wonky Stars Quilt- meant to have been a present for someone who needed a hug ages ago


3. Wonderland Maker’s Tote- birthday present

4. Dinosaur Cushion- for the husband as he’s squished his current one to death

5. Dinosaur Pillowcases- saw these that Saira had made and so totally copying the main fabric!


6. M6-12 of the Patchwork of the Crosses Quilt. Bear in mind this is the 2016 Sew and Quilt Bom!

7. 30’s repros log cabin quilt- top is pieced just patiently awaiting quilting

8. Unicorn quilt- needs quilting but got to get a move on as the baby due date is imminent!

9. Simple Sampler Quilt- another one that needs quilting!


10. Sewcial Sampler Quilt- Half the blocks are made, need get the rest finished then on to quilting.

11. Awesome Ocean Quilt

12. Midnight in the Forest Quilt

13. Schoolhouse Tunic- I really must get over my trepidation of the overlocker.

14. Dolly Quilt- special request by the niece!



15. Star Blanket- surprisingly (or not) I have started many blankets but not finished one..


16. Henry the Hedgehog- just because he is cute!

17. Seal Pup Scarf

18. Lion Scarf

19. Sky Blanket- failed dismaly at this last year!

20. Sparkly Wintery Seal- for one of the nephews


21. Knitted Hedgehogs

22. Belle Mittens

23. Animal Hat

24. Blanket for Ducky- nephew request as the one he “acquired” from me acouple years ago has been worn through

25. Kitty Backpack

26. Attic24 Woodland CAL

27. Eastern Jewels Persian Tiles Blanket

28. Spring Afghan CAL- got a load of gorgeous PBY Aran which this be perfect for!

Cross Sitch/Embroidery:

29. Cinderella Cross Stitch

30. Stitchsperation Motivation Quote

31. Happily Ever After Cross Stitch

32. Once Upon a Time Cross Stich

33. Noah’s Ark Embroidery

Eeek… that’s probably enough for now right? Joining up with the 2018 FAL.




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  1. Ella

     /  January 16, 2018

    A fellow long lister! I can’t wait to see what you finish. On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in!

  2. I daren’t make a list… I’m just trying to think of one thing at a time!


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