…. and upwards as they say! It’s that time of year when the Finish A Long lists start being looked at and thoughts for the next quarter.

Embarrasingly I have only finished one thing from my orginal list here *hangs head in shame* and this was literally right at the start of the quarter.

Drum roll…. this is it. A lone granny square which is a blanket for my nephew’s toy duck!


Now don’t get me wrong… this isn’t the only thing I’ve finished but it’s not far off it. I ended up doing something else for my nephew a birthday present and started a few more things eek.

I definitely struggled a bit this year juggling work, my MSc and everything else it’s been a bit of a blackhole in terms of my head space but thank you for still reading this! I have a few exciting things coming up to share soon!

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  1. Ha ha! I had to giggle when the sum total was a single granny square! Still, an MSc takes precedence obviously, but surely you need SOME down time to relax, and crochet is great for that.


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