FAL 2019 Q1

Ok so as part of my aim to better organise myself this year I thought I’d join in with the FAL again! Keeping it short and sweet as between the balls of work, study, work etc the one for play time keeps being dropped!

So without further ado what I *would* like to finish in the next couple of months….

1. An actual pair of socks, I am still struggling with the heel. I really must kick myself into gear to visit the city where I took this workship oh umm Feb 2018….

2. My crochet star blanket- it is a bit bigger than this but I think a long way to go still….

3. My QST quilt (yes MINE!)

4. Quilt this sweet baby quilt for my niece

So that’s it…. no doubt what I end up doing is everything BUT these! Linking up with the Finish Along 2019.

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  1. Chiska

     /  January 19, 2019

    Looks like some fun projects!

  2. Great projects! I really like the crochet…I haven’t seen a star shaped granny square before. should be neat when done! On behalf of the entire FAL crew, thanks for participating.


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