Time for a Furtle #1

Archie The Wonder Dog

Earlier this month a group of us over on IG have been talking about reviving our blogs and actually taking time and pleasure in doing that and reading others. Don’t get me wrong Instagram is amazing and connects so easily but sometimes that snapshot is over and gone with before a) you know it’s there b) there’s no time to savor and engage properly. I don’t know about you but I feel worn out with this constant need to be “on” 24/7.

Furtle eh what’s that? Right this is a monthly link up for crafty blogs as a deadline to blog adn see what everyone else is up to. Mini Archie here explains Mini Archie’s Furtle Around the Blogosphere much better that I so… shoot off read that and then pop back 🙂

So… on to where I am crafty wise. Currently I am attempting to knit the Hitchhiker Shawl. I love this Mini Eggs colourway but not quite sure it’s “me” to wear as a scarf? I did buy this intended for socks… Alas by the time I took this photo the sun had disappeared! For a proper reflection see here. I am so slow at knitting! Have a feeling it may take 500 years to see this finished…

My sewing machine is going to feel neglected soon as what I have planned this month is a seal pup needlefelting workshop and tution to make some socks! Those on IG will know my woes of trying to finish off a toe up sock from a workshop last year. After a month of wrangling I finally pop in to where I did the workshop on a day off (the person wasn’t there) then I arranged over messenger to meet them at another time and I offered to pay! Turned up but they didn’t… Luckily I found someone else to help me out!

Here’s the dreaded socks…. about 75% finished it’s just the heel (the instructions make no sense to me or my knitty friends).

Hopefully then I plan to do something with these…. but toe down this time!

That’s my month sorted along with work and working on my next MSc assignment so what are everyone’s plans? x

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  1. It’s such a shame that your first sock knitting has been a frustrating experience, but I have a good feeling about pair number two! Thanks for linking up and spreading the word about furtling! *waves pompoms*

  2. Good Luck with the toe up socks – I must admit I only every made one pair that way and they weren’t a good fit 😦 Top down all they way for me!

  3. Knitting is most definitely a foreign language to me and I’m in awe of anyone who can make socks from any starting point!

  4. Sheila Williams

     /  February 10, 2019

    I love your shawl but also the quilt it’s photographed on! I’ve just learned or re learned knitting, good luck with your assignment!

  5. Indianna

     /  February 10, 2019

    Just furtling around the blogs x

  6. hey, nice to have you back! I never managed to get into IG, I found i was just scrolling, not engaging at all, and after a while, not even seeing anything. It’s definitely not for me! Blogging never went away though, there are plenty of us still out there (not that i’ve updated mine this month, mind!)


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