Scrap Bag Sampler Week 4 – HSTS

Half Square Triangles @Metroquilter

Now who does not love a good half square triangle (HST). The very first quilt I did was full of these and is still in used being loved by the not so little girl today.

Amanda has a lovely tutorial below for those who are dipping their toe in!

Those who follow @metroquilter on Instagram knows she loves half square triangles. Some comments on the various methods

I’ve tried lots of methods over the years but the method I prefer is to chain piece my triangles and then trim to size. Other methods include a) foundation paper pieced -which I find accurate but fiddly b) piecing to size without trimming – never worked for me! c) 4 in 1 – lots of bias edges and still have to trim.

Today we are going to make four 2.5inch half square triangles, with the final piece being 4.5inch square.


4 x 3″ squares from your scraps



Step one: 

Place two squares right sides together. You will have two sets of two                                                              

Step two:

Cut once from corner to corner on the diagonal. This will give you four sets of triangles (you may want to mix the triangles up to ensure all four of the finished HST are different. Just remember that the triangles need to be right sides together).


Step three: Chain piecejj

Chain piece the triangles, using a quarter inch seam allowance. Snip the threads between them


Step four: 

Press each of the seams to the dark side. You will now have four half square triangles ready for trimming.         


Step 5: 

With your ruler align the 45 degree line with the diagonal of the block. Ensure that a 2.5 inch square can be made and trim the first two sides of the block.


Step 6: Turn the block 180 degrees and again with

Turn the block 180 degrees and again with your ruler align the 45 degree line with the diagonal of the block. Keep the ruler square with the two sides you have already trimmed, and trim the remaining two sides to make a 2.5 inch square.    


Step 7: 

Arrange your four trimmed blocks as desired into a square arrangement.                     

Step 8: 

Sew the top two blocks together and the bottom two blocks together using a quarter inch seam. Press the top and bottom set in the opposite directions. Place the two sets of two blocks right side together, nesting the seam. Sew together using a quarter inch seam.    


Step 9: 

Press the seams and you’re finished. Thefinished block will be 4.5 inch square.          



Visit our designers on Instagram to see our versions of this block : @cotefleurie @getahashtagkim @JustSewSue @lisasew @metroquilter @picosailors @pippaspatch @quirkyhannah  @surfseasew @therunninghare



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