Scrap Bag Sampler Week 8 – Wonky Cross


Wonky Cross Block by @therunninghare


How is it week 8 already?! This week we have the lovely Carol’s wonky cross pattern.

This block may be simple but it is extremely versatile.

Firstly, it can be any size, and need not be square although square and  rectangular blocks are the most common. It can be made as a plus (+) or a cross (x) and the strips can be thick or thin and multicoloured in a variety of ways.


To make the block:


1. Cut a square slightly larger than the size of your unfinished block (as our blocks are 2,4 or 6 inches finished then that would be 2.75, 4.75 or 6.75 inches)


2. Make a cut using a ruler and rotary cutter in one direction on your square. 


3.  Insert and sew a strip of contrasting fabric between the 2 halves of your square. Press to the inserted strip.



4. The strips can be any width but smaller than ¾ inch isharder to sew  and wider strips ( more than 1.5 inches) are only suitable for bigger blocks. A good size to cut is 1.25 inches for these smaller blocks. Strips can also be tapered so that they are thinner at one end to give a different look



5. Make a cut in the opposite direction and insert another strip of fabric between the 2 halves. Depending on your preference, you can line the cross strip up on the two halves exactly or leave it not matching to give a slightly staggered effect.


Press to the inserted strip.



6. Trim your block to size.


Interest can be added by adding flashes of colour to the strips- see photos of different types- stripes, middle squares in the cross etc  The photo mosaic shows a variety of different blocks of this type



Visit our designers on Instagram to see their versions of this block : @cotefleurie @getahashtagkim @JustSewSue @lisasew @metroquilter @picosailors @pippaspatch @quirkyhannah  @surfseasew @therunninghare



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