Q3 – 2018 FAL

*edit* not all my photos have uploaded will sort tomorrow*

Ok… now my course has finished for the summer I actually have some free time!so I decided to join in with everyone on the FAL bus. Nothing too taxing as I have no annual leave from work over the summer and only til September to play when the course starts up again. Who thought it’s a good idea to start an MSc on top of full time work? Yeah me..

1. Bon Voyage Cushion- I attended the South West Modern Quilters workshop last sat where the lovely Kerry of verykerryberry led the workshop on creating her beautiful block. I was so excited I finished he piecing over the weekend!

2. Up, up and Away Quilt – this pattern is by Sarah Ashford, foundation piece and perfect for one of the baby quilts I need to have finished soon. Going for pastelly shades possibly.

3. Baby Wagon Wheels quilt – yup another baby quilt this for my four month old niece who’s been patiently waiting ( although may be waiting til she’s 18?) This lovely EPP pattern is by Jenny of Hashtagsew.

4. Into the Tropics Baby Quilt. Most of the rows are pieced all I need is a 5″ square of Jade flurry to finish one row and that I can quilt.

6. Alice in Wonderland Maker Tote- it’s coming along let’s leave it at that

7. Gifts- being sneaky here but some weebrawbags and booklet pouches all cut out just waiting to be sewn.

8. EPP geometric mini quilt for the South West Modern Quilt Guid rainbow challenge. Need be ready for September as we are holding our first exhibition!

9. Quilt my pixelated unicorn quilt. Am very scared of this.

10. Green polka Schoolhouse Tunic -all cut just need to be sewn

11. Experimenting on my dressmaking journey a floral viscose Alice dress

12. Cashmerette skirt pattern

13. My inspirational quote – cross stitch pattern by the lovely Charlie of Stitchsperation

14. My poor neglected crochet star blanket

15. Just because the OH says it be 2025 before he sees it… some quilted ovengloves

16. Dolly quilt for niece

17. Last but not least a crochet turtle and pikachu for the nephew’s birthday in august. Requested specially.


…. and upwards as they say! It’s that time of year when the Finish A Long lists start being looked at and thoughts for the next quarter.

Embarrasingly I have only finished one thing from my orginal list here *hangs head in shame* and this was literally right at the start of the quarter.

Drum roll…. this is it. A lone granny square which is a blanket for my nephew’s toy duck!


Now don’t get me wrong… this isn’t the only thing I’ve finished but it’s not far off it. I ended up doing something else for my nephew a birthday present and started a few more things eek.

I definitely struggled a bit this year juggling work, my MSc and everything else it’s been a bit of a blackhole in terms of my head space but thank you for still reading this! I have a few exciting things coming up to share soon!

2018 FAL Q1

Ok…. looking back at my last FAL list I did a lot better than I thought out of 23 items I completed 5. Happy with that!

Now if only I can do the same this quarter but I may have added a lot of lengthy and detailed items! Which combined with the day job and MSc study… cue insane laughter. Still proud member of the #ridiculouslylongfallist and it could have been worse.



1. Christmas Tablecloth- an old faithful which is slowly getting to completion each year. Ashamed to admin it saw it’s third christmas on the table not quite completed…


2. Wonky Stars Quilt- meant to have been a present for someone who needed a hug ages ago


3. Wonderland Maker’s Tote- birthday present

4. Dinosaur Cushion- for the husband as he’s squished his current one to death

5. Dinosaur Pillowcases- saw these that Saira had made and so totally copying the main fabric!


6. M6-12 of the Patchwork of the Crosses Quilt. Bear in mind this is the 2016 Sew and Quilt Bom!

7. 30’s repros log cabin quilt- top is pieced just patiently awaiting quilting

8. Unicorn quilt- needs quilting but got to get a move on as the baby due date is imminent!

9. Simple Sampler Quilt- another one that needs quilting!


10. Sewcial Sampler Quilt- Half the blocks are made, need get the rest finished then on to quilting.

11. Awesome Ocean Quilt

12. Midnight in the Forest Quilt

13. Schoolhouse Tunic- I really must get over my trepidation of the overlocker.

14. Dolly Quilt- special request by the niece!



15. Star Blanket- surprisingly (or not) I have started many blankets but not finished one..


16. Henry the Hedgehog- just because he is cute!

17. Seal Pup Scarf

18. Lion Scarf

19. Sky Blanket- failed dismaly at this last year!

20. Sparkly Wintery Seal- for one of the nephews


21. Knitted Hedgehogs

22. Belle Mittens

23. Animal Hat

24. Blanket for Ducky- nephew request as the one he “acquired” from me acouple years ago has been worn through

25. Kitty Backpack

26. Attic24 Woodland CAL

27. Eastern Jewels Persian Tiles Blanket

28. Spring Afghan CAL- got a load of gorgeous PBY Aran which this be perfect for!

Cross Sitch/Embroidery:

29. Cinderella Cross Stitch

30. Stitchsperation Motivation Quote

31. Happily Ever After Cross Stitch

32. Once Upon a Time Cross Stich

33. Noah’s Ark Embroidery

Eeek… that’s probably enough for now right? Joining up with the 2018 FAL.




A Finish! Jet Set Sewing Station

Ok.. I’m not very good at showing off my finishes as normally they are last minute and gifts but this one is all for meeee! An amazing Jet Set Sewing Station perfect for all those sewing groups out and about.

Bought the pattern in the summer from the lovely Sew and Quilt Shop down Penzance way. In actual fact I bought the kit but decided I wasn’t completely in love with the fabric combo so used some of my precious DS stash!

Started compiling this in November and all I had left was 10″ of binding to finish handstitching.. which did not happen til earlier this week oops.


And look it fits my small rotating cutting mat perfectly! The pattern was a lot of fun to do even though I may have scratched my head a couple of times on some bits I’ve not attempting before but can’t wait to do some more….

Linking up with an actual finish for FAL 2017 Q4. My original list can be found here. You never know I may be back with another finish or two…


Stitching Santa

So.. this year I managed to remember to sign up to Sewchet’s Stitching Santa swap. I took part in the sewing one a couple years ago and loved it! Now that I was hooking up my yarn I was greedy and took part in both sewing and yarn. When they arrived they were slotted under the tree and patiently waiting until the big day.

Apologising in advance for the photos mixture of cluttered chaos and weather not behaving!

I did feel a bit guilty as both my secret santas stalked me via my blog and like a lot of people due to time most of my daily social media is over on Instagram. That said both gifts were amazing and perfect.

Yarn Santa.

The lovely Jo  of Through the Keyhole was my secret santa. The chocolate has long gone! (Apparently I inhale it…) but I had a lovely Shawl which I can’t do justice or model appropriately to pop on over to Jo’s blog for a much prettier look! Really love the colour and style of this and can’t wait to take it on it’s first outing when back at work later in the week. Am really envious of your skill Jo!

Some really pretty yarn- the blue is sock yarn and the pinky colourway is 4 ply which I’m guessing for socks? It is on my list to try and get some socks done and so these will go into my yarn mountain. I’ve only cracked crochet a few months ago after years on/off trying so determined to get that and my knitting skills up to scratch this year. Have in my list the winwick sock pattern but any others to recommend please shout! I genuinely would appreciate it!

Also included in my parcel was a couple of little kits and a mountain of tea (avid tea lover) so really looking forward to try these! Now every one by now knows I live to read so was so happy to find this in my parcel too! Not had a chance yet but promise soon with some healthy hot cocoa to sit down and nosy my way through this.


Sewing Santa:

My secret santa was another blog I hadn’t had the pleasure of coming across before- Lynn of thetialys. Lots of pretties here! Somehow Lynn has worked out that I love Liberty so had some gorgeous pieces and then my love of sea creatures (except the evil dolphins) isn’t the whale the cutest? Pretty coasters, needlebook case, drawstring bag and lots of extras. I think the clasp frame I may do something yarn related with it (we’ll see).

Sewchet Stitching Santa Sewing Yarn Swap Liberty Fabric (4)


Thank you so much Jo and Lynn for taking the time to stalk my interests and craft the perfect gifts for me. Am looking forward to what you get up to this year now I’ve discovered your blogs!

2017 Finish A Long Q4 List

Ok I wasn’t going to join in… I’ve held out since Q1 but since my life is jumping into the “I have no time for anything” as of next week I thought well why not.. I need something to prod me in the rare moments I’m going to get to create. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (and why not….?) I’m starting my MSc. Next week in fact and the day job remains full time and just as busy!

Anyway……… I may just qualify for #ridiculouslylongfallist I have a lot of other stuff I want to get done that isn’t mentioned here too.

1.An old favourite.. maybe 2 years old? My intended Christmas tablecloth- I did start handquilting it back in January then shoved it in a cupboard.

2. Beachhut Cushion- new entry and one I stupidly said yes to.. Nuff said.

3. Spiderman Quilt.. was mean’t to be a birthday present in June. Let’s go for Christmas!

4. Wonky Stars quilt- embarrassingly too long a WIP.

5. Mini Totes- Trick or Treat and Christmassy ones. Deadlines there.

6. Wonderland Maker’s Tote. Been dreaming about this.. and meant to be a gift. When you say? Oh back in March….

7. Boxy Pouch- swap for #SWStitchers meeting in November

8. Star Blankets- may take awhile as middle of one I started another in a different colourway!

9. Hobbycraft Tea on the Green CAL Blanket- got distracted by the star blanket pattern…

10. Seal Pup Scarf. Need need need and I have the wool! Now all I need to do is learn to knit proficiently.

11. Crochet Henry the Hedgehog.

12. Kitty Rucksack- fell in love with this pattern- got the yarn just need to get cracking and by end of November….

13. Animal hat. Winter. Cute. Nature inspired enough said…

14. Jet Set Sewing Station. Loved this pattern the moment I saw it and perfect for all my sewing groups. Now where’s that mythical selfish sewing time?

15. Stitchsperation stitches- for gifts… but how pretty is that linen?!

16. Finish M6-12 of the Sew and Quilt Lucy EPP BOM especially since the add on kit arrived today!

17. Heather Ross Cushion… to be gifted.

18. Piece of Me Pouches.. More gifts

19. Dinosaur Cushion… for the husband. So at some point….

20. 30s repros log cabin quilt.

21. Noah’s Ark Embroidery

22.Knitted Hedgehogs

23. Sewcial Sampler Quilt- need finish piecing rest of the blocks, then sew and quilt

Sighs. That’s probably too much for me to squeeze in especially since I have a million other things itching to do. Linking up with the Finish A Long. Is anyone else joining in with a stupidly insane list?


A bit of this, that and general update…

Eeek I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since early January. Well… yes I can! I’ve started a few posts but they’ve mainly remained drafts, partly due to time or lack of enthusiasm about the topic. I really miss blogging, but lately it feels more like forcing myself to do something for the sake of it.. like the FAL lists mean’t to be an incentive for regular blogging and creating but it’s not working…

So.. to get back to why I started in the first place, more of a place to record, engage and just be me! Lately it seems that all I do here is record sewing stuff that I intend to do but I read, bake, actually finish stuff, a bit of a geek, love seals, woodlands, slight anxiety problem and obsessed with coconut.

Don’t be alarmed if the look, content etc starts changing- am hoping to turn this into more of a creative lifestyle blog where I can share/review books, recipes, places I go, my fledging business etc.

I’ve been lucky enough to get TWO WEEKS off work which is almost unheard of for me in the role I do, but I need it. I have plans… mainly to have fun, try new things and go out exploring National Trust/English Heritage sites with the husband and to finally… finally get my reboot of my business off the ground.

So… today was a one off event at the Heartlands site. Cornwoolly! A lovely Fibre and Textile fair, with gorgeous stalls full of handmade textile makes and supplies. Here is my haul…..

Fabric from a (relatively) local shop, a felted seal and a home screen printing kit! After doing a workshop with the massive screens, been meaning to try it at home ahead of a session I booked in June… Now all I need to do is work out what to do, settle on  a design and play.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely bank holiday weekend? (Despite the torrential rain)


Finish-A-Long 2017: Quarter One

Charm About You

I can’t almost believe it is 2017 let alone the start of a new Finish-A-Long year 🙂 I’m hoping to actually get on more with stuff this year as I’m trying to be more organised and use my planner! It’s just a shame my organisational skills does not extend to taking photos during the day light! Without further ado here is what I’ve decided from my lists to enter this quarter…


  1. Christmas Tablecloth… yes the “C” word but I am intended to do something every month or two and first up is to finish the handquilting and binding on this. Soo close! imag0401.jpg
  2. Scarf… I picked this up in Trago last week and thought it be a pretty scarf and to break me in on my new overlocker! If anyone has any overlocker tips or projects let me know  🙂2016-04-10-17.21.30.jpg.jpeg
  3. Noah’s Ark Embroidery… yes this is still here and hardly any progress. one day! imag0403.jpg
  4. Wonky Stars Quilt… I had meant to give this as a christmas present.. but think it be a make you smile gift instead! imag0402.jpg
  5. Gnome Place Like Home Cross Stitch… erm I think I intended this to be a gift for Christmas 2015 imag0400.jpg
  6. South West Modern Quilt Guild Lanyard for the swap at the first meeting! imag0406.jpg
  7. Dinosaur Cushion… the last cushion I made Matthew for his chair has been squished six ways to sunday and long overdue for another! imag0395_1.jpg
  8. Knitted animal hat… I must be brave. I must be brave and jump in on this! imag0404.jpg
  9. Lacy Zip Pouch.. just needs the zip attaching and the final stitchdown.

So that’s it… I think manageable for this quarter right? Of course I have more things working on some secret, some now and some impulse.

What are you working on/hoping to do? I’m enjoying the last of my sunday before Sherlock pops on as it’s back to work tomorrow after a two week break. (Where did that time go?!)




Something new… Knitting a Sky Blanket

In my Goals post I mentioned tentatively that I wanted to do more with knitting and crochet… well I’ve made a start already! Jillyrosie on Instagram this week posted that she was starting a sky blanket and after looking into it.. I thought why not. It’s a good way to get me knitting regularly and is just a square.

Laura from Bugs and Fishes dreamt up the original concept and to see her post on how to make one go here. But basically all it is, is knit a square each day matching it to the colour of the sky. Easy right?

Hmm due to some unexpected car expenses (hello new battery and tyres) I needed to dig into my stash and not buy anything new until next payday. Sadly I don’t have the size 6 needles so using size 8 instead! Trying to stick with good quality acrylic yarn but I have deviated on colour slightly… since it be boring to have two squares exactly the same at times I’m allowing myself the reflection of the sky in the water… as being in Cornwall we do have beautiful sky and water scenery!

Here I am up to day 5 already…. debating whether to redo day 5 but I wanted something slightly different being that it’s the husband’s birthday and we went for a wander around Falmouth…

imag0393_1.jpgToday has been another dark and dreary day but I think leave that for the morning as I managed to catch up on 3.5 squares today 🙂 I think I’m improving I haven’t unravelled a squared since the second one and I think they are getting less wonky.. Now if only I can fix whatever weird thing I’m doing when casting on…

imag0396_1.jpgI picked up this book in the Works Sale last week and can’t wait to get started on some, a couple projects have caught my eye already. I really really want to do this hat  in either of these chunky yarns but the only problem is I have all the circular needles up to size 10 but it wants size 11, 13…..sighs why can I never have anything I need when starting a new project!

imag0395_1.jpgI def recommend this book if you are into Fairytales inspired knits, after conquering the hat it’ll be Belle’s bookish gloves… look aren’t they pretty? Maybe not in yellow though… don’t think that’s me somehow!

imag0397_1.jpgI’m back at work on Monday after two weeks off and dreading it… so hopefully enjoy this weekend and get lots more done! Have a good one folks.

Some quilty finishes…

In my last post I hinted that I had finished four quilts over the Christmas break and well I have! Sadly though I FORGOT to get photos of it finished what is wrong with me??? So I’m sorry in advance as some are clearly in-progress shots.

My favourite finish is this Disney Cars Chevron Quilt for my two year old nephew Oliver. He did receive the knight/dragon quilt for his birthday in August but he loves it so much he can’t be without it for a day hence the need for another… Isn’t it great when someone truly loves your work?

img_20161020_213004.jpgDecember/January also sees the arrival of a new nephew and a friend’s little one so two pram quilts! and yay to a picture of one finished!!

img_20161002_122742.jpgimg_20170103_182308_592.jpgThe fourth quilt was a different variation of the dragon/knight one I did for Oliver but for another nephew…

All were quilted with the only quilting I seem to know how to do.. that of the wonky straight line. I have a feeling my walking foot is now shot and it was very last minute finishes quilting with the standard..

Linking up (yay I rememberd) to the FAL Q4 finishes party as these were on my starting list!