Stitching Santa

So.. this year I managed to remember to sign up to Sewchet’s Stitching Santa swap. I took part in the sewing one a couple years ago and loved it! Now that I was hooking up my yarn I was greedy and took part in both sewing and yarn. When they arrived they were slotted under the tree and patiently waiting until the big day.

Apologising in advance for the photos mixture of cluttered chaos and weather not behaving!

I did feel a bit guilty as both my secret santas stalked me via my blog and like a lot of people due to time most of my daily social media is over on Instagram. That said both gifts were amazing and perfect.

Yarn Santa.

The lovely Jo  of Through the Keyhole was my secret santa. The chocolate has long gone! (Apparently I inhale it…) but I had a lovely Shawl which I can’t do justice or model appropriately to pop on over to Jo’s blog for a much prettier look! Really love the colour and style of this and can’t wait to take it on it’s first outing when back at work later in the week. Am really envious of your skill Jo!

Some really pretty yarn- the blue is sock yarn and the pinky colourway is 4 ply which I’m guessing for socks? It is on my list to try and get some socks done and so these will go into my yarn mountain. I’ve only cracked crochet a few months ago after years on/off trying so determined to get that and my knitting skills up to scratch this year. Have in my list the winwick sock pattern but any others to recommend please shout! I genuinely would appreciate it!

Also included in my parcel was a couple of little kits and a mountain of tea (avid tea lover) so really looking forward to try these! Now every one by now knows I live to read so was so happy to find this in my parcel too! Not had a chance yet but promise soon with some healthy hot cocoa to sit down and nosy my way through this.


Sewing Santa:

My secret santa was another blog I hadn’t had the pleasure of coming across before- Lynn of thetialys. Lots of pretties here! Somehow Lynn has worked out that I love Liberty so had some gorgeous pieces and then my love of sea creatures (except the evil dolphins) isn’t the whale the cutest? Pretty coasters, needlebook case, drawstring bag and lots of extras. I think the clasp frame I may do something yarn related with it (we’ll see).

Sewchet Stitching Santa Sewing Yarn Swap Liberty Fabric (4)


Thank you so much Jo and Lynn for taking the time to stalk my interests and craft the perfect gifts for me. Am looking forward to what you get up to this year now I’ve discovered your blogs!

2017 Finish A Long Q4 List

Ok I wasn’t going to join in… I’ve held out since Q1 but since my life is jumping into the “I have no time for anything” as of next week I thought well why not.. I need something to prod me in the rare moments I’m going to get to create. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (and why not….?) I’m starting my MSc. Next week in fact and the day job remains full time and just as busy!

Anyway……… I may just qualify for #ridiculouslylongfallist I have a lot of other stuff I want to get done that isn’t mentioned here too.

1.An old favourite.. maybe 2 years old? My intended Christmas tablecloth- I did start handquilting it back in January then shoved it in a cupboard.

2. Beachhut Cushion- new entry and one I stupidly said yes to.. Nuff said.

3. Spiderman Quilt.. was mean’t to be a birthday present in June. Let’s go for Christmas!

4. Wonky Stars quilt- embarrassingly too long a WIP.

5. Mini Totes- Trick or Treat and Christmassy ones. Deadlines there.

6. Wonderland Maker’s Tote. Been dreaming about this.. and meant to be a gift. When you say? Oh back in March….

7. Boxy Pouch- swap for #SWStitchers meeting in November

8. Star Blankets- may take awhile as middle of one I started another in a different colourway!

9. Hobbycraft Tea on the Green CAL Blanket- got distracted by the star blanket pattern…

10. Seal Pup Scarf. Need need need and I have the wool! Now all I need to do is learn to knit proficiently.

11. Crochet Henry the Hedgehog.

12. Kitty Rucksack- fell in love with this pattern- got the yarn just need to get cracking and by end of November….

13. Animal hat. Winter. Cute. Nature inspired enough said…

14. Jet Set Sewing Station. Loved this pattern the moment I saw it and perfect for all my sewing groups. Now where’s that mythical selfish sewing time?

15. Stitchsperation stitches- for gifts… but how pretty is that linen?!

16. Finish M6-12 of the Sew and Quilt Lucy EPP BOM especially since the add on kit arrived today!

17. Heather Ross Cushion… to be gifted.

18. Piece of Me Pouches.. More gifts

19. Dinosaur Cushion… for the husband. So at some point….

20. 30s repros log cabin quilt.

21. Noah’s Ark Embroidery

22.Knitted Hedgehogs

23. Sewcial Sampler Quilt- need finish piecing rest of the blocks, then sew and quilt

Sighs. That’s probably too much for me to squeeze in especially since I have a million other things itching to do. Linking up with the Finish A Long. Is anyone else joining in with a stupidly insane list?


Stitching Secret Santa

A couple months ago Sheila (Sewchet) had this amazing idea to hold a secret santa with a max limit of £10 but we can throw in whatever goodies we like to go with it!

Mine went off to Nikki and as she was getting into dressmaking and loved freestyle embroidery I included the Colette Ginger skirt pattern, some gorgeous woolfelt I obtained from Sew and Quilt, along with a notebook and a ruffly scarf I’ve knitted (one of my very few knitted accomplishments probably because it is so easy! To see the goodies check out Nikki’s post here. I felt really bad about not including something sewn but with everything happening I kept putting it off and if I waited it would have got there after christmas! However I think something might be making it’s way pretty soon….

My parcel was unfortunately delayed in the post but opening it was a really good new year present and well worth the wait! Thanks so much Lucie!! To see Lucie’s post about what she put together and why it’s all here 🙂


A lovely owl cushion, a liberty needlebook, hanging hearts, gorgeous crochet goodies and isn’t that frog amazing?

P1130323Crochet is on my list to practice and get better at (along with knitting!) so am in awe of this little set, a pin cushion and measuring tape.

The closeup of mr frog is really blurry so you have to make do with the above! I didn’t realise there was pins in the pin cushion so when I picked it up jabbed myself something proper.

Really pleased with how this swap went and will be looking out for more Sheila does.


Where has three years gone?

So.. three years ago yesterday this happened……..


Prepping for that day is what got me heavily into crafts and sewing. To celebrate we had a quiet day to ourselves and as the weather behaved for once went down to one of my favourite Cornish spots for a walk- Godrevy. Armed with binoculars and camera we saw some lovely Sparrowhawks on the hunt, sparrows, robins and my personal favourite SEALS and there were a few pups too on the cove.


Sadly it was rather windy on the cliff so my photos didn’t turn out spectactular.. to give you an idea of how high we were up this is on 23x zoom towards the back of the beach/cove. If anyone would like to learn more about seals or Cornish grey seals this website is the best place 🙂 There is also the Seal Sanctuary at Gweek.


To round it off we had fish and chips and even cheesecake… well technically I had cheesecake Matthew got a chocolatey thing.

Then back home where I even managed some sewing (epp of course) watching tv and chatting. Good job too as I have these minis to finish…

P1110355A Jane Austen inspired one… going for P and P and I might be slightly crazy as going to attempt to embroider that large quote!

P1110356A riot of colour this one is- it’s from the Little Quilts book “Fans of May”.

P1110353The day after I submitted my quilt for the Westcountry Quilt Show I started prepping this……. it’s for the IG Mini Swap and my partner doesn’t give much away! Modern, hexies and a lot of teal/blue. In the corner is some prep work for some ornaments….. it might be the only christmas decs I’ll get round to doing!

What is everyone up to this week? I’m heading up to Bristol for the quilt show and Fiona Pullen’s book launch party in Exeter tomorrow. Sunday I’m hoping to head up to Cowslip Workshops for their fayre then it’s back to work on Monday.

Linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


Just quickly…

I’m still here! The past few weeks has been chaos- doctors, being ill (again!) and covering sickness at work.

Not fun! As it has meant this week being out of the house just after 7am and not being back til almost 7pm… Very little time to sew and play. Gutted missed most of the SMS giveaways but as my work day is spent on a computer I really couldn’t face it when got home.

However some quick finishes last week (feels like a month ago now!)

2013-12-08 19.21.44 2013-12-08 19.22.50A wabbit for my nephew and my secret santa gifts 🙂 I’ve also need to put the finishing touches on my Minerva Crafts Blogger Challenge before I reveal that to you hopefully life will calm down next week (but doubt it!).

What are you all up to?


I’m still here!

Phew that has been one busy week. Manic work schedule and mostly full of cold still but I have managed to get some bits done…

UKBA Border Bee

Finally finished my border on Wendy’s quilt for the UK Border Agency Bee. This is the last border and it will be going back home to Wendy! It has been a trial coming up with something as each idea I tried refused to work so in the end I incorporate a few ideas. Needle turn applique, squares and flying geese. Just hope Wendy likes it!

Dresden Platess EPP

Finished piecing (epp) the chrysanthemum that is going to be part of my table centre piece. Now what to add to my quilting on the go box?!


Jelly Roll Progress

Close Up Heart Block

Dug out some WIP blocks from the Cabbages and Roses Jelly Roll quilt I started many many many months ago! It should hopefully be finished in time for Christmas to gift to a sibling (in theory).

Ready to Play Blocks

And today.. been plotting and cutting out some blocks. One for the Jelly Roll quilt, another to go as part of a friend’s birthday present (deadline end of November!) and the final one to be a centre of a quilt for me. The other blocks are going to be based on a Farmers’ Wife block and with the help of my fellow Bee Europa members it should be ticked off quickly!

Hope everyone is having a good sunday? Don’t worry there are plenty more Come Quilt With Me posts coming up very soon!


Needlebook Tutorial

Following on from the Come Quilt With Me posts…. This is such a quick and easy make you will be hooked in no time! It is also a very friendly scrap busting project so no excuse to not being able to play.

Handmade NeedlebookFor my needlebook (above) I used bits from my scrap basket and some lonely squares that I had lying around.


  • 7.5 x 4.5″ cotton pieces. You’ll need one for the front and one for the lining
  • Roughly 8.5 x 5.5″ piece of wadding
  • Roughly 6.75 x 3.75″ piece of felt
  • Button
  • Elastic (Hair elastic is good!)

For this needlebook I used a mixture of scraps and squares and cut the design down to the required size (7.5 x 4.5″). Feel free to do whatever inspires you 🙂 If you wanted to have a binding in the middle like I have cut 1.5 x 4.5″ of fabric for the binding and sew to two pieces of 3.5 x 4.5″

Basting Quilting

Take your front piece and smooth it out over some wadding ready to quilt. Make sure you leave enough wadding on the outside of the piece in case it moves when quilting.

Baste as desired. You can use basting spray, thread, pins or curved safety pins. My personal choice are the safety pins as it makes the basting a breeze and easy to take out without damaging the fabrics.

Quilted FrontOnce you have basted you are ready to quilt. Being a small project you can quilt by hand or run it through the machine, the stitches, thread colours etc are up to you.

For mine I handquilted using embroidery thread, a random running stitch all over the front (I rather like the effect). Once you have finished trim off the excess wadding and neaten up the edges

Secure ElasticNow you can figure out where to put your elastic. Fold it over and baste it into place. * Next time I will be using hair elastic as its thinner and prettier. *


Right sides together, line up your front piece with the lining and sew leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance around the edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your seams. *If your pieces don’t line up take the time to trim else you might end up with a wonky corner like I have in your finished project 🙂
Mind the gap
Don’t sew all the way around, leave a gap of about 10-12 cm this will be where you will turn your project inside out.  Clip around the curves (taking care not to snip into your seams) as this helps create perfect corners as there will be less fabric bulk.
Gently turn inside out and flatten. The opening you can either slip stitch shut or ieave it for when you edge stitch.
Topstich Closeup
Slowly stitch as close to the edge as you can taking care when you go over the thicker points. This will add something extra as a finish to your needle book.
Felt Inner
Now you can add the felt inner piece. Mark where you want the spine to be, line it up and cut to the  desired size and stitch down the middle backstitching at the beginning and end to secure. For something extra you can use scalloped scissors to add scallop curves to the edges of your felt.
Add the button to the front- close your book and work out the best place by pulling the elastic over. Hand stitch it into place hiding the knot under the button or within the wadding.
And you are done! How was that? Would love to see your finished needle books so pop it over on the Flickr group 🙂 and from here the possibilities are endless!
You could make a bigger version and have felt on one side for your needles and the other add a pocket to hold small scissors and other notions.
Happy Stitching.

Crafty Creatives Box

Last month I’ve heard of Crafty Creatives– a company where you sign up and get a box full of crafty goodies to play with each month. Perfect I thought for random inspiration.

Cue much squeeing when this arrived….

Some of the goodies…. coloured jingle bells, vintage style alice in wonderland postcard, ribbon and more!

There was even this cute project inside a crochet mouse- which I can’t wait to attempt! Although my most recent crochet was a disaster…

Definitely worth subscribing to for me this month.. I just got to think of some things to create with it.


Just Because….

So the past few days have not been good creativitywise. I tried and tried but could not pull myself out of the black hole so last night I decided stuff it… I’m going to put aside thoughts of presents and things for the shop and do something I’ve been wanting to try for a few months… the Craftsy Block of the Month class.

Except this morning… I got sidetracked by another idea I saw. When I’ve finished I took it to show the husband and he asked what’s that for now. My reply?? Just Because…


Led to this…

And oh wow isn’t it amazing? Am totally in love with this design and colours but what to do with it?

The block is approx 12″ and do I turn it into a tote bag, wallhanging or the beginnings of a baby quilt. Decisions, decisions, decisions!



After what seemed to be a slow and laborious week I think I’m finally getting somewhere…

Despite working Payroll I’ve lost a semblance of mathematical ability this week how did I think these blocks would match in my head??

But I am almost there with this border… look at all the bows ready to be sewn in one long strip!

So… what are your recent craft disasters?

This afternoon I’m taking a break from fabrics and delving into Christmas papercrafts… see these lovely goodies to play with?

I’ve even resurrected a kid’s classic for baking… but with a more grown up and healthy twist any guesses?