Few bits of destash!

I’ve been collecting/hoarding for a couple of years now and especially in the beginning I would buy with impulse so now I have a lot of which a) no idea what I’m doing with or b) it’s not something I’m going to be using any more. Plus soon my MOT is coming up and I seriously need to invest in a new machine.

Postage will either be large letter or small parcel UK. Please either email me at thegrayisle@hotmail.com or leave a comment if you would like to purchase.

2014-01-06 06.40.00

Unopened Flying Geese Ruler- £4


Papercraft Dies. Bubbles born to shop embossing folder- £2

Triangle Nesting Dies- £6


Riley Blake Scoot Charm Squares- 19 in total. £4.50


Kokka Trefle Alice in Wonderland F8- £2


Moda 23 Jelly Roll- this was sent to me unwrapped to save on postage but hasn’t been touched. £24 including postage.


Purple Bundle- 2 Linen FQs and 3 Lynette Anderson Fqs with 1m of ribbon. £19.


Various bird FQs- £2.50 each


Fox Picnic FQs- £2.50 each


Red Riding Hood Linen FQ- £4


Echino FQ- £4P1100419

5 Care Bears FQs- £14

P1100424Simplicity Patterns unused- £2.50 each.


20 squares of each (Beatrix Potter £4 and Cath Kidston £5) These are 6.5″ squares.


Amy Butler Remant- 11 x 14″. £2 Home decor weight.


Peter Pan FQ- £2.50


Alexander Henry- this is just over a FQ- £3

I do have some poly cottons and home decor weight fabrics if anyone is interested? Feel free to make an offer on any of the above as well especially if wanted several 😉


It’s time to announce….

… the next swap!

The idea is to make an A5/A6 sized diary/journal or notebook. Rather the cover of it and include the diary etc inside.


There are all sorts of mediums for this- this is my diary to help keep my various sewing projects organised and in some sort of order (would help if I used it properly!) This one has a cross-stiched cover and is from the talented Dawn. (See her shop here.)

The possibilities are endless you can scrapbook, sew, knit and more!

But to get you started..

Notebook Folder tutorial from Riley Blake Designs and a Journal Cover tutorial from Bloom and Blossom.

Rules: Sorry but there is a need!

Medium: As long as you make it yourself it can be in any medium either sewn with fabrics, patchwork, knitted, crocheted, crossstitched, felted, scrapbooked….

Entrants: UK only! I think it’s best due to posting restrictions/costs

Day to Enrol By: 16th February 2013

Day to Post By: 29th March 2013

How to Sign Up: Either leave me a comment here or email me at squintessential@hotmail.co.uk please don’t forget to include your email address.

Once the enrolment day has passed I will pair you up and email you with your partner.

There is a Flickr Group with the aim to chat and keep everyone up to date on your progress.

So… who’s in?


Crafty Creatives Box

Last month I’ve heard of Crafty Creatives– a company where you sign up and get a box full of crafty goodies to play with each month. Perfect I thought for random inspiration.

Cue much squeeing when this arrived….

Some of the goodies…. coloured jingle bells, vintage style alice in wonderland postcard, ribbon and more!

There was even this cute project inside a crochet mouse- which I can’t wait to attempt! Although my most recent crochet was a disaster…

Definitely worth subscribing to for me this month.. I just got to think of some things to create with it.



After what seemed to be a slow and laborious week I think I’m finally getting somewhere…

Despite working Payroll I’ve lost a semblance of mathematical ability this week how did I think these blocks would match in my head??

But I am almost there with this border… look at all the bows ready to be sewn in one long strip!

So… what are your recent craft disasters?

This afternoon I’m taking a break from fabrics and delving into Christmas papercrafts… see these lovely goodies to play with?

I’ve even resurrected a kid’s classic for baking… but with a more grown up and healthy twist any guesses?