A Day Out…

Yesterday was fun but exhausting! I think I left just before 545am and did not get back home until gone 11pm. The day seemed to go by so fast and still does not seem like 400 odd miles of driving!

Anyhow… look at this cute pouch Helen made and gave me yesterday- isn’t it adorable?

P1110391We managed to get to the Quilt Show in Bristol before it opened and had a walk around of the stalls before our classes. Helen did the Kantha class which looking at her work am jealous I didn’t but then that would have meant an extra day for me!

P1110385My first class was free motion quilting with the lovely Sarah of Edward and the Bear. I’ve done a tiny bit at home before but was never happy with my results it was nice to have the set time to play and see different techniques. I can definitely see these flowers and loops in a quilt sometime close in the future!

P1110389After seeing Alicia Merrett’s exhibition at the Festival of Quilts I jumped at the chance to take the map quilt class. It was a little bit different for me.. freehand cutting! So I am debating redoing my houses/settlements into something else… but once I’ve tackled a few things off my to do list… it be back to this. That purple strip in the middle is a road… not the real road yet.

P1110382I was pretty restrained with my purchases at the show literally just this… The panel piece is lots of smaller panels with woodland animals in a learn to count theme that I couldn’t resist.

P1110376And… I found my quilt! Can you tell I’m too short to take a proper photo?! There were some lovely quilts on show some have given me ideas…

Next up we headed back down to Exeter for the launch party of Fiona Pullen’s debut book Craft a Creative Business. After being stuck in traffic and downpours of rain we made it in time and found the Exeter Sewing Shop. It was a great evening loads turned out for the party and it was well deserved 🙂

P1110383I was very lucky in receiving a goody bag my favourite the polka dot embroidery scissors and Priory Square sample bits. Very good here too only got Fi’s book and a 3FQ bundle of Downton Abbey fabrics.

Phew… I might just go back to sleep now! Did anyone else make it?

I’m heading up to Cowslip tomorrow and back to work on Monday. But already looking forward to my next trip up to Exeter at the end of the month for the next South West Stitchers event. I best make a move on and sort out the secret santa gift.




Festival of Quilts

Well I’ve been back four days now it’s time I wrote something about my time in the Midlands and at Festival of Quilts! Firstly this is me and my entry…..

P1100921Overall I like it… it’s just the finishing touches that let it down and in the interests of transparency and future record…. my judge’s comments were much better than expected! True some of that could have been avoided if I didn’t left it to the last minute to decide…


I did manage to come away with some goodies from the trade stalls and then at the Fabric Guild in Leicester… 10448855_831060193580357_1761943350_n 10584774_570055229787503_633954499_n

Now on to the quilts and in no particular order these are some of my favourites! Unfortunately I forgot to photo pretty much most of the credits so I do apologise hopefully you be able to find out or let me know 🙂

My photography isn’t too great in these so I must have been pretty distracted!

P1110046Love everything about this the colours, hexies and stars.P1110028Right back to my childhood and memories of playing.. how cool is this?!

P1110038  P1110010 P1100957


“Cats with Hattitudes” P1110003 P1110005-001

At the moment I’m really loving this type of work, the above harbour one reminds me of some art I recently saw down St Ives.


Bowie by Kerry Wilkinson (PennyDog)

  P1100936P1110047 P1100940

 So now you guess what caught me eye… there was loads more I loved but either forgot to photo or too many people in the way. Did anyone else go and have fun?

I also popped by the new Modern branch of the Quilters Guild and signed up. Sadly there’s not too much of a Cornish quilting presence so think might have to change that…. anybody interested?


Sunday Stash…. 27th April

Uh oh this week has flown by! Work chaos has left me too tired to do much in the evenings so my to do list went out the window. But it hasn’t stopped me adding stash….


Part of a vintage duvet and pillow case at the back, some fat quarters including cats for the 30s repro collection and the Japanese Monthly Bundle Club. Although…. I’m starting to dislike the calendar FQ- if anyone wants to make an offer for it feel free 🙂


Love Patchwork, Love Sewing, Lori Holt’s Great Granny Squared Book and an embroidery napkin kit from my friend as embroidery I need to learn but not like I need another craft to be addicted to right?!


Yay.. some finds from the car boot on Friday lunchtime. But… that blue duvet at the back right keeps screaming at me to be a dress instead of adding to the things to make for little boys. The front left is actually a maternity dress (and not yet before you ask besides it’s a size small 😉 ) love the fabric.

2014-04-27 13.26.45

Today’s spoils… some knitting stuff and some fabric from Trago to be my first test summer dress. Really drawn to the By Hand London Flora Dress at the moment although with this I’m going to have to line the whole thing instead of the bodice. Thinking a vintage sheet I picked up last week could do… then once that’s done I can realise my dream of having a polka dot dress (getting fabric tomorrow thank you hobbycraft sale).

Oh not made any clothes yet.. so this will be interesting as I just know I’m going to have to do full bust adjustments and the like. Right I best crack on and finish the Collette Ginger Skirt first!

P1100651One of my dilemmas of the day (let’s be honest since last saturday!) … so annoyed I didn’t spot the brown mark before I sewn it into rows… do I leave and hope for the best or sub it? That is the question.

Best crack on I’ve got a birthday present to finish (um the last piece to start) ready to gift for tomorrow.

Eek.. nothing like last minute girl yet again. Linking up with Molli Sparkles.





Sunday Stash…. 30th March 2014

Aka… you can tell it’s payday!

I’ve added some lovely additions to my stash this week and I know it doesn’t look it but I have been sewing away….. More on that another day!

First up these gorgeous lecien prints from Eternal Maker. My favourite is the teal animals (third from left)- now if anyone has that version in brown and willing swap/sell I would love you forever 🙂


Next up my March bundle from Alyce’s Japanese stash club. Love all of these still and yellow is not something that creeps into my stash often. Plus those bunnies are super cute!


Now I couldn’t resist a bit of Country Girls and some of my go to Kona Snow and White from Jesse’s Sew and Quilt shop now could I?! I’ve even managed to nab some of her vintage panels but awaiting for that to arrive 🙂


Finally.. technically a swap but the lovely Kerry of PennyDog sent some scraps and 2.5″ squares… I already have an inkling of a plan. Which I best get a move on as my new niece is imminent.


Linking up with Molli Sparkles.




Sunday Stash

So… I’ve been s little quiet recently.  Secret sewing and almost two weeks worth of bad migraines and nausea. Thankfully that seems to be going.

These pretties fell into my stash the past couple of weeks aren’t they gorgeous?  The foxes I already have plans for…. baby booties!


Linking up to Sunday Stash.



Few bits of destash!

I’ve been collecting/hoarding for a couple of years now and especially in the beginning I would buy with impulse so now I have a lot of which a) no idea what I’m doing with or b) it’s not something I’m going to be using any more. Plus soon my MOT is coming up and I seriously need to invest in a new machine.

Postage will either be large letter or small parcel UK. Please either email me at thegrayisle@hotmail.com or leave a comment if you would like to purchase.

2014-01-06 06.40.00

Unopened Flying Geese Ruler- £4


Papercraft Dies. Bubbles born to shop embossing folder- £2

Triangle Nesting Dies- £6


Riley Blake Scoot Charm Squares- 19 in total. £4.50


Kokka Trefle Alice in Wonderland F8- £2


Moda 23 Jelly Roll- this was sent to me unwrapped to save on postage but hasn’t been touched. £24 including postage.


Purple Bundle- 2 Linen FQs and 3 Lynette Anderson Fqs with 1m of ribbon. £19.


Various bird FQs- £2.50 each


Fox Picnic FQs- £2.50 each


Red Riding Hood Linen FQ- £4


Echino FQ- £4P1100419

5 Care Bears FQs- £14

P1100424Simplicity Patterns unused- £2.50 each.


20 squares of each (Beatrix Potter £4 and Cath Kidston £5) These are 6.5″ squares.


Amy Butler Remant- 11 x 14″. £2 Home decor weight.


Peter Pan FQ- £2.50


Alexander Henry- this is just over a FQ- £3

I do have some poly cottons and home decor weight fabrics if anyone is interested? Feel free to make an offer on any of the above as well especially if wanted several 😉


New addiction…?

So.. I might have found another craft addiction…. Crochet!

When I was doing fairs a couple years ago I did try to learn but couldn’t get it to click now I see I was trying the wrong chain… Being inspired and encouraged by a fair few people this week I had inklings to try again then I saw this when doing the local grocery shop….


What really called to me was the woodland theme- those who follow me more regularly know that is one of my obsessions so how could I resist? There’s a fair few projects I wouldn’t mind doing soon.

P1090967 P1090968 P1090969

There’s even a handy guide for newbies or to refresh on stitches. I think I might start the fox later especially since my “practice” piece went ok. It’s meant to be a coaster for hubbie’s desk but it’s wonky… and that’s due to me not picking up the end stitches oops but least I’m learning!

Now try not to laugh…..


What is everyone up to this weekend?



Yippee… internet back this week so finally catching up on a few things! Didn’t think it would take me this long to get settled after moving house but not quite there yet.

My sewing mojo however is creeping back although mostly that’s due to the Sewing Directory event that happened in Exeter last saturday- more pics etc here.  Please don’t ask me where I am as I hate all photos of myself and thinking why oh why did I wear that?! It was a lovely day and I ended up making this eventually…

2013-09-14 16.20.27Not overally original… but love the fabric combo and my brain was frazzled from work.

Anyway……. in a bid to try and motivate myself here are some of my current WIP/UFOS…


Labour of love…. hexies epp. Just the border to add to the top then quilt bind and work out how to sew wallhanging tabs!


The “Everyday” tablecloth… hexie flowers in progress and if anyone has any of those fabrics especially the Timeless Treasures teacups pretty please throw em my way?


Supersecret hexie projects…. need cutting into shape quilting and finishing etc.

Erm yes theres a theme so far… handsewing hexies but that’s all I’ve been able to do/feel up to! I do have a ton of other stuff to finish too.. couple quilts for christmas, a cushion or two and a fair few blocks for bee commitments.

Now onto some droolworthy fabric pictures…….


Heaven and Helsinki! Painstakingly built up with a FQ here and there… cannot wait to start ” Spring Carnival” epp pattern (Katy Jones) to do a really cool wallhanging.


This was a seriously cute impulse buy… except it’s not my care bears aka the ones I grew up with 80s. No idea what to make with this- anyone?

Hope everyone is managing to bust their WIP list better than me! Until next time…….



Festival of Quilts!

I went.. did you?

Thursday came alarm set for 4am ready to be out by 5am… (yes I’m mad but it was my last day of annual leave so Cornwall to Birmingham and back in a day). Think I’m just about recovered.. what ten hours of driving and a whole day of walking do to you 🙂

Met up with the lovely Rosie and we had a fab time browsing the stalls oohing and aahing over the quilts, some of my faves and those that stood out.

2013-08-08 15.37.08 2013-08-08 15.37.31 2013-08-08 15.38.23 2013-08-08 15.45.32 2013-08-08 15.54.42 2013-08-08 16.09.40 2013-08-08 16.15.10

Kerry’s quilt is in there.. can you spot it?

I also met up with some of the lovely ladies and Katy from the Popular Patchwork forum and did a gift swap. Finished my gift just after ten pm wednesday night but isn’t it so cute!

2013-08-07 21.49.01

And this is what was gifted to me. A crochet flower brooch. Not really me at all but sure I find a use for it eventually…….

2013-08-11 08.21.51

This weekend I’ve been procrastinating from playmat making and did these. Complete numpty.. I forget to change the stitch settings from when I was quilting so if you pull too hard they’ll fall apart. But once these babies are quilted they should be fine!

2013-08-11 15.15.20

Oh and before I forget.. my haul from thursday. Not bad eh?

2013-08-09 07.16.00


Sewing World

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Sewing World magazine this week and I was really surprised and impressed with it! It’s UK based with UK contributors and has all you can expect from a crafty magazine and more. Light, fresh and airy there is something for everyone….


Alongside the latest news, products, book reviews and giveaways there are interesting articles, interviews and stories. All laid out in an easy to read, easy to follow format.

P1090902 P1090905

Not to mention the projects!



There’s a range of projects from simple quick easy makes to quilting and dressmaking. All well designed, easy to follow and clear steps. And there are pull out paper patterns in the correct size. No messing about with the photocopier and zoom which puts me off creating something quite easily!

All in all it’s a really good read and doesn’t just cater to one type of sewist. This issue I quite liked the pattern masterclass and hearing about the history of M Makower & Co Ltd as well as seeing all the lovely patterns that are available from Simplicity. It has definitely made me want to try sewing my own clothes some more.

So… have you read this yet? The next issue is out now and it’s definitely one I’m going to look out for each month and I have my eye on trying some of these projects out… who knows maybe in a few days you’ll get to peek at one 🙂