Finally.. some rest!

I hope everyone has had a lovely christmas and a bit of a break? Today is the first day I feel that I can start to rest as work has been chaos and finishing off some presents (even on Christmas day!).

Unfortunately I forgot to take some photos but this week alone when I was not at work made 3 divided baskets and two sprocket cushions. Then Christmas Eve after work decided to start a little bit of epp towards another present for my sister… Sneaky peek… it won’t be finish for a day or so but she doesn’t mind 🙂


Here’s my lovely presents I received- I’m a massive scifi/fantasy person so these boxsets went down a treat and perfect to sit and epp to when it’s dark and cold. The seal pup kit am majorly excited about doing and love the FQ stack my brother got me (his partner has good taste).


I also received my Popular Patchwork Secret Santa which was a little disappointing to be honest as the brief was to make a gift and all I got was the following. I quite like the purple flowers tho and yet to hear back whether my recipient liked her gifts that I made.


I also had my first treat from the Blossom Heart Quilt shop- love these and not quite sure what to do with them yet….


I’ve also cut into this pile of beauties for a diamond epp project that will be starting (yes starting when I have a zillion other things to finish!) but I love the 30s inspired prints and hopefully this will work… into a mini wallhanging for my sewing space 🙂


Has anyone given into fabric sales yet? I’m still holding out…


Bees… some things to take into consideration

Bees in the patchwork and quilting world are amazing things. A place for you to learn new skills and make friends.

But there are things to consider… I’ve debated writing this but due to a recent experience I feel I must….

I love bees and take my commitment to them seriously but I also value my privacy and being a Payroll Officer in my dayjob data protection is always in my mind. One bee I was in posted some of my personal information publicly and after I politely asked for it to be removed and explained data protection. The message I got back was “you are no longer in this bee. End of.” What also made it worse this organiser told fellow bee members I was unpleasant to her and never communicated with her. Both of which untrue and really upset me. I like to think I’m a nice person bit scatterbrained and insane at times but never deliberately rude.

I did get an apology and an offer to go back into the bee but my taste for it had gone.

So folks before joining a bee make note of:

* your time commitment dont want late and rushed blocks
* is there an angel policy if blocks go missing
* communication any problems let people know sometimes life does get in the way!
* data protection if your info to be posted online make sure you have given your permission and that it is a private group!
* go with gut instinct sometimes things are not meant to be

Im not perfect and am guilty of being late at times. Next year I doubt I will join any more bees but I have met some lovely people who I will continue to follow in their quilty adventures.

If you have read this far you deserve a picture or two 🙂



I also have a few of these blocks going spare if anyone wants some? 


Come Quilt With Me….

Now I love sewing and anything to do with patchwork and quilting to the point of obsession. Sometimes it can be lonely or more than overwhelming with all these ideas buzzing around- I have a knack of starting one project only to move on to the next!

One thing I do especially enjoy is encouraging and inspiring others to dip their toes into this world no matter their ability. So the idea of an informal quilt along was born where I will be sharing ideas, projects and tutorials with the aim of encouraging people to take baby steps into this world and building up their confidence.

As well as that is the aim of motivating, sharing with each other and showing off our completed projects. I’m by no means an expert so will be learning some things too 🙂 There will be a Flickr group set up where you can add discussions, photos etc but feel free to use the hashtag #comequiltwithme on Twitter and IG.

What sort of things will there be?

To start with I’ll be discussing some of the basic components of patchwork mixed in with some quick easy projects (cushions, tote bags) as well as some more time consuming ones (tablecloth, wallhangings, quilts) plus much much more such as english paper piecing, free motion quilting… Anything really and if there’s anything you want to see feel free to shout!
Do I have to commit to everything now?

Nope. If you don’t like a post don’t worry just dip in and out with what takes your interest. Don’t even stick to what’s being posted either- just use it as a means of being creative and run with it. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the process!

So… who’s in?

Feel free to grab the button for your blog if you have one. It wasn’t made by me but by the lovely Jen of Miss Bohemia.


Festival of Quilts!

I went.. did you?

Thursday came alarm set for 4am ready to be out by 5am… (yes I’m mad but it was my last day of annual leave so Cornwall to Birmingham and back in a day). Think I’m just about recovered.. what ten hours of driving and a whole day of walking do to you 🙂

Met up with the lovely Rosie and we had a fab time browsing the stalls oohing and aahing over the quilts, some of my faves and those that stood out.

2013-08-08 15.37.08 2013-08-08 15.37.31 2013-08-08 15.38.23 2013-08-08 15.45.32 2013-08-08 15.54.42 2013-08-08 16.09.40 2013-08-08 16.15.10

Kerry’s quilt is in there.. can you spot it?

I also met up with some of the lovely ladies and Katy from the Popular Patchwork forum and did a gift swap. Finished my gift just after ten pm wednesday night but isn’t it so cute!

2013-08-07 21.49.01

And this is what was gifted to me. A crochet flower brooch. Not really me at all but sure I find a use for it eventually…….

2013-08-11 08.21.51

This weekend I’ve been procrastinating from playmat making and did these. Complete numpty.. I forget to change the stitch settings from when I was quilting so if you pull too hard they’ll fall apart. But once these babies are quilted they should be fine!

2013-08-11 15.15.20

Oh and before I forget.. my haul from thursday. Not bad eh?

2013-08-09 07.16.00



Not been up to much over the weekend apart from studying and patchwork…

Huge to do list and not much time but I’ve made progress on two of the block bee/swaps I’m in.

First up a completed 9 patch for the Quilt Together over on the Popular Patchwork forum. I hope it looks alright?! Just ignore the couple of quirky imperfections or I will have to redo…


My swap partner over in France specified soft reds and creams- hopefully delivers?!

Next up is two out of five blocks from the Hexy Hive on the 4 x 5 Modern Quilt Bee on Flickr




The idea is to make the same block but five times in each others specified colours and swap. The top one is tangerine, lemon yellow, lime with a background of medium grey or coal.

The bottom one, navy, pink, green with a background of white.

I’m hoping I’ve caught the colourways right all I need to do is sort out the background and some other hexy applique I think. I’m calling this my wonky version of the hexy logcabin.

Last but not least is an idea for my next (yes another!) project. It’s going to be a blanket for a moses basket. Just need work out sizes and whether fleece backing or thin wadding and cotton backing. (Any help here will be appreciated 🙂 )


Sorry for the fuzzy photo but the light was going- brief pink and cream with a vintage style feel. That’s my rough pattern sketch I think 🙂



It’s time to announce….

… the next swap!

The idea is to make an A5/A6 sized diary/journal or notebook. Rather the cover of it and include the diary etc inside.


There are all sorts of mediums for this- this is my diary to help keep my various sewing projects organised and in some sort of order (would help if I used it properly!) This one has a cross-stiched cover and is from the talented Dawn. (See her shop here.)

The possibilities are endless you can scrapbook, sew, knit and more!

But to get you started..

Notebook Folder tutorial from Riley Blake Designs and a Journal Cover tutorial from Bloom and Blossom.

Rules: Sorry but there is a need!

Medium: As long as you make it yourself it can be in any medium either sewn with fabrics, patchwork, knitted, crocheted, crossstitched, felted, scrapbooked….

Entrants: UK only! I think it’s best due to posting restrictions/costs

Day to Enrol By: 16th February 2013

Day to Post By: 29th March 2013

How to Sign Up: Either leave me a comment here or email me at please don’t forget to include your email address.

Once the enrolment day has passed I will pair you up and email you with your partner.

There is a Flickr Group with the aim to chat and keep everyone up to date on your progress.

So… who’s in?


Tote Bag Swap

Aren’t these pretty?!

Claire's (2)


You may remember that last year I hosted a tote bag swap. I’ve been waiting to hear whether everyone was successful and for pictures of the lovely bags so here they are…

Madmum Felted Bag

This is Liz’s- isn’t it lovely? Liz runs Madmumknits over on Etsy- take a peek at her gorgeous handknitted creations.

Jess Tote

This is from Jess of Great and Sewn. Jess was my swap partner and I love this bag- very quirky and very me.

Zoe's Bag

Zoe runs Buttoned Up and Pinned Down. Isn’t this bag amazing? I love the colourful and quirky design


Claire's (3)

Claire's (1)

Claire from Twitter has made another lovely bag- I especially love the lining (the photo at the top of the page) and anything to do with patchwork. Pop on over to Twitter to catch up with Claire and see what she is working on next.

Last but not least… it’s my bag!

My Tote

I Love this design- everything about it but it’s also the thing that sparked off my obsession for wonky stars.


P.S- Check back soon as another crafty swap will be announced!

Pooh Quilt Progress….

My Button

Well it’s been a while since I’ve shown you what I’ve been up to. Some secret things that I can’t show yet but hopefully next week! A scarf for a birthday present that I forgot to take a photo of… and this!

For the A Lovely Year of Finishes I pledged for January to finish my wonky star quilt.

I had this……

Wonky Star Quilt WIP

Which is now this…..

Pooh Wonky Star Quilt Progress

Nine blocks. I’m toying with adding some sashing in between each block to add a splash of colour but can’t quite decide what! Any ideas?

There will also be another border to add to it yet… all by this month quilted and bound ready to give away as a present on February 1st.

Now bit of a close up…



Sometimes you just need to stop!

So… my morning went like this woke 530am, tried to get back to sleep. Fail. Moved about 620am in need of caffeine and crumpets slathered with chilli Philadephia yum (if you not tried this do!). Watched an episode of Vampire Diaries on itvplayer whilst waiting for the husband to get up and get ready for work.

After which I could sew! I’m part of the UK Borders- Add a Border Bee organised by the talented Kerry of Pennydog. I thought no problem will work on phase two of my border. However after much cutting, sewing and unpinning I’ve only ended up with the corner pinwheels… slightly wonky!

The green border I added yesterday and my *plan* is pinwheels in the corner then the rest of the border made up of Moda Snow Batik in bows with the white/starry fabric. At this rate it might take me all year.. 😦

I did finally finish my first proper mini quilt yesterday- this uber cute Cupcake wallhanging.. well I just need to add the tabs to it to go on the wall but I love it… imperfect quirks and all. Ssh pretend you don’t notice the slightly chipped button.. I broke a needle on it.

I really love the quilted feel of this! It reminds me of a table cloth so have added that to my ever expanding list….

Last thing I promise today… this will be going in my shop soon- what do you think? A Christmassy Penguin fabric art 🙂



November… already?

Work commitments and being ill has put be a little bit behind! But how is everyone?

I’ve found some more lovely tutorials for tote bags…

How about this fab reversible tote from the Eternal Maker?


Before I forget have you checked out the new website yet? Pop on over to and share with your friends! The next few sales will receive a mini goody bag!