Bees… some things to take into consideration

Bees in the patchwork and quilting world are amazing things. A place for you to learn new skills and make friends.

But there are things to consider… I’ve debated writing this but due to a recent experience I feel I must….

I love bees and take my commitment to them seriously but I also value my privacy and being a Payroll Officer in my dayjob data protection is always in my mind. One bee I was in posted some of my personal information publicly and after I politely asked for it to be removed and explained data protection. The message I got back was “you are no longer in this bee. End of.” What also made it worse this organiser told fellow bee members I was unpleasant to her and never communicated with her. Both of which untrue and really upset me. I like to think I’m a nice person bit scatterbrained and insane at times but never deliberately rude.

I did get an apology and an offer to go back into the bee but my taste for it had gone.

So folks before joining a bee make note of:

* your time commitment dont want late and rushed blocks
* is there an angel policy if blocks go missing
* communication any problems let people know sometimes life does get in the way!
* data protection if your info to be posted online make sure you have given your permission and that it is a private group!
* go with gut instinct sometimes things are not meant to be

Im not perfect and am guilty of being late at times. Next year I doubt I will join any more bees but I have met some lovely people who I will continue to follow in their quilty adventures.

If you have read this far you deserve a picture or two 🙂



I also have a few of these blocks going spare if anyone wants some?