Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

It’s that time again reveal day! I might have mentioned that I decided to take part in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Party again this year and luckily I got a UK partner or so I thought….

My first soup went missing 😦 I know how awful it is to not receive things when you have worked your socks off so I always send a replacement even though that gesture rarely happens to me. Maybe I’m too nice and sensitive?!

So pop on over to Jackie at Kydo to see the soup I sent her 🙂

This is what I received….. photo courtesy of Jackie as mine came out too rubbish!

Loved the gemstones and oval quartz.

Some of you may know that my first foray into crafting was beads, I soon became a beadaholic! It was the best way for me to destress from the day job (the place I was working at the time was not good for me at all!)  Then I discovered fabric… and an even bigger obsession… sorry compulsion grew from there.

I’ve literally had not touched my beads in nearly a year so thought this party be a good way for me to get some of that mojo back. It was a struggle I tell you full of despair so I started with simple and grew… here are some of what I’ve compiled so far.

P1100708 P1100709 P1100710 P1100711

All these are pretty simple but effective I like to think 🙂 It’s a mixture of what I was sent and from my own stash. Sadly I had trouble using most of the pearls and ovals as the holes were too small for my wire of choice (Artistic Wire) but one day I’ll get that back out and experiment.

What did I do when I was pondering…… um this… can you guess how many is contained within the thimble?


Don’t forget from my Etsy shop if you use the code “BDAY2014” you get 25% off stuff just because it’s my birthday on Monday…

And to check out the rest of the bead hop (many many more talented than me!) go here 😉

Right… I’m off to get back to my crafting station.. and it’s fabrics today!