Bees… some things to take into consideration

Bees in the patchwork and quilting world are amazing things. A place for you to learn new skills and make friends.

But there are things to consider… I’ve debated writing this but due to a recent experience I feel I must….

I love bees and take my commitment to them seriously but I also value my privacy and being a Payroll Officer in my dayjob data protection is always in my mind. One bee I was in posted some of my personal information publicly and after I politely asked for it to be removed and explained data protection. The message I got back was “you are no longer in this bee. End of.” What also made it worse this organiser told fellow bee members I was unpleasant to her and never communicated with her. Both of which untrue and really upset me. I like to think I’m a nice person bit scatterbrained and insane at times but never deliberately rude.

I did get an apology and an offer to go back into the bee but my taste for it had gone.

So folks before joining a bee make note of:

* your time commitment dont want late and rushed blocks
* is there an angel policy if blocks go missing
* communication any problems let people know sometimes life does get in the way!
* data protection if your info to be posted online make sure you have given your permission and that it is a private group!
* go with gut instinct sometimes things are not meant to be

Im not perfect and am guilty of being late at times. Next year I doubt I will join any more bees but I have met some lovely people who I will continue to follow in their quilty adventures.

If you have read this far you deserve a picture or two 🙂



I also have a few of these blocks going spare if anyone wants some? 


Decisions… Decisions…

Wow thank you all for commenting and joining in with the quilt along. It should be a lot of fun and can’t wait to get started. Some “basics” posts will be this week along with a tute on HSTs with a project for the weekend.

I’ve not been slacking over the weekend seems my sewing mojo has resurfaced big time. November is creeping closer and I’m Queen Bee over on the Bee Europa 2013 bee and needed to sort things for that like yesterday. For those who don’t know the Bee Europa Bee you send fabric and a pattern to a few others who will make it up for you and send it back. It’s a lot of fun!

So far the ones I’ve done for other members have been nice makes and even though I would love to hand over some paper piecing blocks.. they are labour intensive and didn’t feel that would be fair.

So currently two options……

P1100015This block has haunted me since I saw it a couple of days ago when I came across some “Farmer’s Wife” blocks. When I did the square in a square in my early days it was a disaster… but I’m quite pleased at how my points turned out and I hadn’t cut any corners off!

This is my own take on the FW block and I sized it to be 12″ finished.

P1100013Another block that I have become obsessed with thinking about this week ever since I saw it on my IG feed and watching Camille Roskelley Stashbuster video on youtube.  Again I’ve sized this to be 12″ finished.

Next is deciding on fabrics to send for the bee- am def liking the idea of 30s repros combined with Kona Snow.


Either Mother’s Melodies by Darlene Zimmerman.


Or 30’s playtime by Chloe’s Closet.

Mmm decisions decisions- what block/fabric combo would you choose? Promise I will show you what else I’ve been working on soon!


Hello January 2013!

Wow is it 2013 already?

Time keeps being gobbled up quick lately! My little Christmas break and early January has comprised of frantically trying to finish some presents, family stuff, birthdays and sorting out my assignment that was due this morning. Juggling full time work and the final year of a degree is not easy and zaps me out a lot of the time but I will be making time for myself each week.

My Button

To keep me motivated I’m linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes and entering this project…..

Wonky Star Quilt WIP

It’s going to be a wonky star quilt and has been in my ufo pile for a couple of months. 3 out of the 9 blocks are completed and the only cutting left to do is some Kona Snow squares, borders and bindings. Hopefully the finished project will look great! But my aim is to finish piecing it this month!

I’m also setting myself more goals for January…..

Think that’s more than enough for me to get on with! What about you any projects?