Just a few basics…

Ok.. so I’m still feeling a little rubbish but I’ve managed to set up the Flickr group for Come Quilt With Me 🙂

You can find it here. Bit sparse at the moment but don’t let that stop you from adding photos, discussions etc!

Right so these are some of my sewing essentials just to give you an idea about me.


I don’t think I can part with my self healing mat, rotary cutter and square ruler! They help so much for accurate cutting and piecing. When I first starting sewing I did over 56m of bunting for my wedding all hand cut with scissors. I shudder to think of that now!

Now you can do patchwork and quilting with scissors but I do find it easier (and maybe as I’m lazy- quicker) with a rotary cutter.Desk Goodies

This lives next to my machine- I got the basket in a Flickr swap and it is so useful to hide my threads and other notions. The turtle was made for me too 🙂 And holds most of my pins which I rarely use any more. The little case next to it…. you’ll see how to make something similar end of the week 🙂Clover Wonderclips

Now this is def one of my fave essentials- since I discovered them last year have not looked back. Clover Wonderclips- mostly used for binding but like many I use them instead of pins on EVERYTHING. To be honest I can’t remember the last time I used a pin. These have flat bottoms that are easy to slide out as you approach your machine foot.EPP Goodies

Ok I confess I’m an EPP addict and I *acquired* these from the hubbie. Ferero Rocher tubs previously used to store Games Workshop models (yawn) now hosts hexies and my on the go project which tends to go everywhere with me!

So what are your essentials?



On my desk tonight..


Can definitely feel the onset of longer dreary days this week. Its dark, misty and wet! Not to mention since sunday I’ve been fighting off a nasty cold which has left me wooly headed and drained!

Enough about that though… the quilt along posts will start appearing over the weekend whilst I try get back to normal! In the meantime keeping my sanity with a couple of little projects a crochet fox purse and some english paper piecing patchwork. Can you see whats under the ball of wool? It’s going to look so pretty!

So… the first person who guesses correctly what that peek of fabric pieces is going to be turned into  not only you feel superior at being first! But I’ll send a bunch of scraps and a hexie pack for you to play. Gotta have some fun right?