Sometimes you just need to stop!

So… my morning went like this woke 530am, tried to get back to sleep. Fail. Moved about 620am in need of caffeine and crumpets slathered with chilli Philadephia yum (if you not tried this do!). Watched an episode of Vampire Diaries on itvplayer whilst waiting for the husband to get up and get ready for work.

After which I could sew! I’m part of the UK Borders- Add a Border Bee organised by the talented Kerry of Pennydog. I thought no problem will work on phase two of my border. However after much cutting, sewing and unpinning I’ve only ended up with the corner pinwheels… slightly wonky!

The green border I added yesterday and my *plan* is pinwheels in the corner then the rest of the border made up of Moda Snow Batik in bows with the white/starry fabric. At this rate it might take me all year.. 😦

I did finally finish my first proper mini quilt yesterday- this uber cute Cupcake wallhanging.. well I just need to add the tabs to it to go on the wall but I love it… imperfect quirks and all. Ssh pretend you don’t notice the slightly chipped button.. I broke a needle on it.

I really love the quilted feel of this! It reminds me of a table cloth so have added that to my ever expanding list….

Last thing I promise today… this will be going in my shop soon- what do you think? A Christmassy Penguin fabric art 🙂



It’s not perfect…..

… but hey everyone has got to start somewhere!

Since my studies are officially finished for the summer and I have my evenings back…. I decided it wouldn’t do to have some relatively free time after my full time day job.

So… I’ve signed up to a Bead Soup Party (more details on then dreckly) and Pennydog’s Quilting Bee- The UK Borders Agency.

Recently I did a patchwork cushion workshop and loved the result- don’t you?

So based on this I thought hmm it should be fine….

whipped up a design……

chose my fabrics…..

descended into darkness with grumbles… and after much deliberation and unpicking changed my design ever so slightly….

But what do you think? Yay or nay for the bee?