Last of the Christmas Makes

Yes I know it’s now 2015! But I forgot to show you these……..

Elf StockingAn Elf Stocking for my youngest nephew. Thanks to Helen for bringing hers along to the Exeter Sewing Meet Up I just knew this is what I needed to do. Sadly it’s a bit more for decoration than actual use but next year it has been requested a personalised sack.

And guess what? It’s another thing ticked off my FAL Q4 list 🙂

Back in November I met up with my friend Liz (Madmumknits) and we had a crafty time playing with epp decorations and a ribbon wreath.

P1110585Isn’t it lovely? I was going to do an EPP star in the middle but ran out of time….. the Joy decoration is one from the lovely Celine in an handmade ornaments swap from IG. This was another thing from my FAL Q4 list but can I find the photo………

Ornaments SwapThis is what I received though- aren’t they all lovely?!