2015 Sewing Goals

So.. as 2014 is drawing to a close it’s time to think about aims for next year and inspired by Kerry over at Pennydog here’s my list of sewing goals for 2015!


1. Conquer precut fear- above is my current collection of precuts. 4 Layer Cakes, 3 Jelly Rolls and 13 Charm Packs. I did have more but I either gave or destashed some… They are pretty to look at butI hate the idea of wasting them on random things so they have just stayed in the drawer. I need to design patterns and use these up.

P11104502. Attempt more dressmaking- last year I did made a Ginger skirt, cut out a flora dress and modified the pattern for the Plaintain tunic but that’s it…. I really need to make the use of these patterns then I can get more 😉

3. Write/publish patterns- been thinking about this for a good while.. as it could help fund my fabric obsession and be a good way to get these ideas out of my head on to paper and actually made!

4. Try new quilting techniques- I really want to do a pixel quilt or applique art quilts to do with seals!

5. Get a good in the next FOQ entry- of course this means I’ll also need to design and make something for it too 🙂

P1110446In addition this is some of what is hanging on the back of my chair pieced quilts in various stages…. I really ought to get a move on and finish these!

P1110448And……….. some present additions this month 🙂

Is everyone managing to sew or partake in the sales? Don’t forget if you want to win some of Kerry’s fabric in the goal linkup you only have three more days 🙂


Oooh… err It’s Something Practical!

Yup… you did read that right. I stepped away from my patchwork to do list this week as I really need to a) quilt some b) bind some and.. c) get my patterns finished!

So I ventured into unknown territory…

After throwing a hissy fit with the ironing board completely mucking up my nice new iron! I made this…..



Self drafted (aka completely winged it) it was made in less than a couple of hours. Most of that finding a big enough fabric and faffing about with the elastic threading it through the hem I made.

I’ve been banging on for ages about venturing into dressmaking, I actually bought this fabric august/september last year along with the Collette Ginger pattern but was always too scared to have a go…..

P1100765  P1100771

When I first finished it on wednesday it was late and after seeing the photos I badgered Matt to take I thought I looked like a lampshade! (And no you ain’t seeing that).

I tried it on again this morning and fiddled with my camera timer settings and think I look okay… just about right?! Yes it’s a little high up… loose waist band… unhemmed but overall I think it’s fine. A few more pounds off should sort the fit and taking in the side seams a little.


Plus… look my first ever concealed zip! And I don’t even have the invisible zip foot so feeling pretty pleased with myself. Sure it’s not completely invisible but I rather like it!

Now I can’t wait to try my next project out.. I need to build myself up to trying the Flora Dress so…. any pattern ideas for me? Think a nice summer top or more skirts be lovely. Bearing in mind I’m roughly just over a size 16, curvy with a big chest.

Hope everyone is getting out to enjoy the sun this weekend. I’m going to try either with some EPP or a book (currently on book 19 of the year go me!)




Sunday Stash…. 27th April

Uh oh this week has flown by! Work chaos has left me too tired to do much in the evenings so my to do list went out the window. But it hasn’t stopped me adding stash….


Part of a vintage duvet and pillow case at the back, some fat quarters including cats for the 30s repro collection and the Japanese Monthly Bundle Club. Although…. I’m starting to dislike the calendar FQ- if anyone wants to make an offer for it feel free 🙂


Love Patchwork, Love Sewing, Lori Holt’s Great Granny Squared Book and an embroidery napkin kit from my friend as embroidery I need to learn but not like I need another craft to be addicted to right?!


Yay.. some finds from the car boot on Friday lunchtime. But… that blue duvet at the back right keeps screaming at me to be a dress instead of adding to the things to make for little boys. The front left is actually a maternity dress (and not yet before you ask besides it’s a size small 😉 ) love the fabric.

2014-04-27 13.26.45

Today’s spoils… some knitting stuff and some fabric from Trago to be my first test summer dress. Really drawn to the By Hand London Flora Dress at the moment although with this I’m going to have to line the whole thing instead of the bodice. Thinking a vintage sheet I picked up last week could do… then once that’s done I can realise my dream of having a polka dot dress (getting fabric tomorrow thank you hobbycraft sale).

Oh not made any clothes yet.. so this will be interesting as I just know I’m going to have to do full bust adjustments and the like. Right I best crack on and finish the Collette Ginger Skirt first!

P1100651One of my dilemmas of the day (let’s be honest since last saturday!) … so annoyed I didn’t spot the brown mark before I sewn it into rows… do I leave and hope for the best or sub it? That is the question.

Best crack on I’ve got a birthday present to finish (um the last piece to start) ready to gift for tomorrow.

Eek.. nothing like last minute girl yet again. Linking up with Molli Sparkles.





Finish Along 2014- Quarter One

Finish Along 2014

Busy week! But sneaking in quickly to show you my goals for the FAL 2014 Q1. Yup I do have more things that need finishing that I haven’t already mentioned or committed elsewhere.. oh dear.


First up these random piles of squares and HSTs. I do have a plan! Pink/Red/Purple heart with a LV background scrappy style. Done a mini quilt in this so intending to do a cushion, another mini quilt and a hoop project.


Really need to get this finished and gifted. EPP diamonds ready to be appliqued and turned into a bag!


One of my random block urges last year- this will turn into a concealed zip tote perfect for me cart my sewing stuff to and fro from work 😉


EPP Spring Carnival- some of my Bee Europa kindly helped out with the block and thanks to Kerry of Pennydog for helping to fill out my Heaven and Helsinki stash. This will be a wallhanging for me… eventually.


The pink fabric and Colette Ginger Skirt pattern… well I’ve had a while even the invisible zip. Going to make a skirt and a top for me with these.


Another thing for me.. my octagon flower humongous block with some FW blocks that my fellow Bee Europa kindly with.

P1100445Last but not least.. one of my obsessions! Had intended to get this done over Christmas break.. but time disappeared.

Seriously… think I love starting things to much so hopefully all of this will give me extra motivation to finish!

What are you working on?


Few bits of destash!

I’ve been collecting/hoarding for a couple of years now and especially in the beginning I would buy with impulse so now I have a lot of which a) no idea what I’m doing with or b) it’s not something I’m going to be using any more. Plus soon my MOT is coming up and I seriously need to invest in a new machine.

Postage will either be large letter or small parcel UK. Please either email me at thegrayisle@hotmail.com or leave a comment if you would like to purchase.

2014-01-06 06.40.00

Unopened Flying Geese Ruler- £4


Papercraft Dies. Bubbles born to shop embossing folder- £2

Triangle Nesting Dies- £6


Riley Blake Scoot Charm Squares- 19 in total. £4.50


Kokka Trefle Alice in Wonderland F8- £2


Moda 23 Jelly Roll- this was sent to me unwrapped to save on postage but hasn’t been touched. £24 including postage.


Purple Bundle- 2 Linen FQs and 3 Lynette Anderson Fqs with 1m of ribbon. £19.


Various bird FQs- £2.50 each


Fox Picnic FQs- £2.50 each


Red Riding Hood Linen FQ- £4


Echino FQ- £4P1100419

5 Care Bears FQs- £14

P1100424Simplicity Patterns unused- £2.50 each.


20 squares of each (Beatrix Potter £4 and Cath Kidston £5) These are 6.5″ squares.


Amy Butler Remant- 11 x 14″. £2 Home decor weight.


Peter Pan FQ- £2.50


Alexander Henry- this is just over a FQ- £3

I do have some poly cottons and home decor weight fabrics if anyone is interested? Feel free to make an offer on any of the above as well especially if wanted several 😉


Yup… I’m not just a Fabric Addict… Really!

Well what a week so far- I’m exhausted and it’s only Tuesday! My to do list is ever growing…. so time for a droolworthy post…

….. Pretty Pretty Fabrics…..

So who can resist them? I know I have trouble doing that which easily explains why my fabric tower is pretty much crammed full. Which I discovered yesterday to my dismay when I gently placed my latest acquisions in. And guess what? My thoughts weren’t exactly I need to use some up… but more of where can I store new ones?

Mostly when I go giddy and buy I don’t have a certain project in mind… oops how naughty!

Here’s what’s hiding in the top drawer- aren’t they lovely? And it is a tiny fraction of what I hold… oh dear.

I’m not just a fabric hoarder too… I have a massive collection of beads and papercraft of which I had to add to last week. Not sure what I’m doing there either…. but how can you resist it?!

I’m sure some of it will become WIPS before long. But if you have any nifty pattern ideas or tutorials on what I should make with it feel free to send them my way 🙂

And stop drooling…… I’m thinking of holding a sewalong or sewing circle group (more on that to come) but if you are interested in the idea at this early stage just let me know.


P.S- Oh have you checked out a previous post on the pursey giveaway? 😀 It ends on Sunday 20th May with the winner drawn at 8pm………