It may not seem like it…

… but I have been sewing!

Can’t quite believe that it is Thursday already- where has this week gone? I spent the day yesterday down Penzance way checking out Rosudgeon Car Boot and venturing into town. I do look like a patchwork tomato now though! Not often I actually properly go out like that and the factor in my moisturiser obviously not enough.

Anywhere this is where I am at this week. Three tops I want no need to finish piecing.


The Irish Chain! It was my intention to finish this by last week but work got in the way.. Getting there though almost finished piecing the square blocks just the fillers to go.


I’m not going to mention which project this is yet but it is a practice attempt in practice fabrics πŸ™‚ But yay Y seams hopefully later this morning the finished block be done!


Last night I spent an extraordinary amount of time cutting out enough to do five more hedgies for Hazel the Hedgehog Quilt so fingers crossed this morning more will be done.

Lots to be getting on with as always- what are you working on?

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July Bees!

This month I’m Queen in two online quilting bees which basically means that I choose a theme/design and each individual in the bee does their own interpretation of it and sends it to me πŸ™‚

First up the I Love Lucy Bee.. it wasn’t hard to pick my theme this month combining epp with 30s repros is a given right?

2014-07-06 15.45.38

Then there’s the UK Fat Stash Bee where you send each bee member a FQ worth of fabric and they mix n match from their own stash. Here is what I sent…. altho the kitties do change colour as does the polka and the other smaller pieces.


Here’s what I’ve chosen… either a granny square with kitty in the middle or a patchwork cat block. My cat mad friend birthday is in a few months so thought this might be apt πŸ™‚


Can’t wait to see what I get back! Now on to some projects…




A finish and some naughtiness…

Right first off the good thing! I actually did finish ONE whole project from my Q2 Finish Along list. The rest well umm… I did start and finish a few other projects though!

So here’s is my vintage sheet cushion πŸ™‚ I have a quilt in this style too waiting to be rebasted before being quilted. One day soon…


Now on to the naughtiness.. I’ve added to my stash eek. But I couldn’t resist some beauties from Sew and Quilt now could I?! Also had my Blossom Heart Quilt monthly bundle.

P1100859 P1100857 P1100861

And this…. some screen printed panels from the talented Jen.


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Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. After a crazy few weeks at work I have a week off!


Ickle Project….

So… with all my projects on the go at the moment I don’t really need to start another one. But you know how you get something in your head and it just consumes your thoughts right?

Well enter these panels… I found these again when I was tidying up my space last week and since then the idea of a mini quilt kept floating in my head with some sort of literary quote underneath.


So this morning each panel I’ve cut out and been playing with the layout. I love the stories you can make it from it and it’s very Austen!

Now the only thing left… is what quote?! And whether to freehand the letters on or embroider. Decisions decisions…. in the meantime tonight it’s back to the Schnitzelandboo Mini Quilt!


Just a quick update….

… I’m still here! The past few weeks has been a little manic between work, nursing a poorly husband and falling ill myself!

Anyway better late than never the winner of the Sunday Stash Giveaway is number 16: Lucy from Charm About You πŸ™‚
SS WinnerNow I’ve been really really good lately and only added these to my stash.. 30s repros is still a must right?!


In addition to signing up for FoQ (need to make and send off within the next month!) I’ve also said I do a special quilt for a little girl’s first birthday… forgetting said birthday was 3rd July. But not too bad I’m doing my own variation on a design been planning to do for ages and this is going to be in the center.


P1100849I figured aqua make a nice serene background forΒ  a change just hoping that it works! There will be a fair bit of aqua along with some bright pinks, yellows and maybe some blues if I can work it in… Just to say bunnieeeeees and rain πŸ™‚

Also another quilt block on my list is the great granny square by Lori Holt. I have the book and had the itch forΒ  awhile I just knew these Country Girls FQs. I need more in the range tho! Just need to work out what other fabrics I can throw in to coordinate with this.


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Sunday Stash and Giveaway!

Hello! I’m here hosting Sunday Stash this week! *waves* if you’ve popped over from Molli Sparkles

Molli Sparkles

Technically I am on a fabric diet (with some very loose limits) but it didn’t stop me adding to stash πŸ˜‰


Ok so this bundle is part of the Blossom Heart Quilts Japanese club… and I love it totally me and super cute right?!


On a bit of a dressmaking obsession at the moment.. see fabric and automatically think skirts so added a top pattern and some more invisible zips!


What I’m working on today are these… although think I’m going to switch the blue to the green though! Last minute baby gift.

Now… onto the giveway there’s a bit of a mixture here some treasured, some new additions to my stash which I am sharing with you as a F8 bundle. Along with some polka dots and some other notions. Aren’t the macaroons and post stamps adorable.


So.. what have you got to show about your stash? Leave your links below for a chance to enter the giveaway πŸ™‚


Sunday Stash… 18th May

Right it’s that time of the week again and oops I do have more to show you. Technically this might be my last major stash additions for a bit as I’m going on a fabric diet! (More on that another time as you are here to drool right?!)


My naughty purchases with some birthday money…. Barcelona F8 set and the top three from my local quilt shop. The pink was in the remnant bin at a bargain price… it called to me and when I got home I realised it was actually part of the Lecien Old New 30s range one I’ve not seen before and do not have! Love love love, on another note if you have any from this range pretty pretty please can I buy or swap πŸ˜‰

The other two pieces are FQS, middle- Button Tree Lane of Henry Glass Fabrics. This is to finish off a long overdue gift… And the other is earmarked for some Post Circle goodness and is Postcard Garden of Red Rooster Fabrics.


Friday was the lunch time car boot down Falmouth (where I work) and being such a lovely day it did bring out a few people! Managed to get these for bargain prices- all cottons and most of the pieces large enough to do clothes! The daisies top right think I ear mark for a skirt? And hopefully enough left for a bag.


The top left is part of a bed set I scored at the car boot as well, the pillowcases are already earmarked for my next Ginger incarnation. I finally added some Beatrix Potter to my stash too and the bottom… were gifted to me some lovely scrap pieces and Free Spirit FQS. Aren’t they lovely?

Next week I’m hosting Sunday Stash with a fun giveaway too! So check on back πŸ™‚

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend. Linking up with Molli Sparkles.




SMS Giveaway Winner!

Wow thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented. And of course to my followers (both old and new) πŸ™‚

The time has come to announce the winner….


Congratulations comment number 224! Alyce Rodriguez an email is on it’s way πŸ™‚

Winning CommentI’ve had some lovely comments and tips and I will share them properly later in the week along with some more of my own!


Oooh… err It’s Something Practical!

Yup… you did read that right. I stepped away from my patchwork to do list this week as I really need to a) quilt some b) bind some and.. c) get my patterns finished!

So I ventured into unknown territory…

After throwing a hissy fit with the ironing board completely mucking up my nice new iron! I made this…..



Self drafted (aka completely winged it) it was made in less than a couple of hours. Most of that finding a big enough fabric and faffing about with the elastic threading it through the hem I made.

I’ve been banging on for ages about venturing into dressmaking, I actually bought this fabric august/september last year along with the Collette Ginger pattern but was always too scared to have a go…..

P1100765Β  P1100771

When I first finished it on wednesday it was late and after seeing the photos I badgered Matt to take I thought I looked like a lampshade! (And no you ain’t seeing that).

I tried it on again this morning and fiddled with my camera timer settings and think I look okay… just about right?! Yes it’s a little high up… loose waist band… unhemmed but overall I think it’s fine. A few more pounds off should sort the fit and taking in the side seams a little.


Plus… look my first ever concealed zip! And I don’t even have the invisible zip foot so feeling pretty pleased with myself. Sure it’s not completely invisible but I rather like it!

Now I can’t wait to try my next project out.. I need to build myself up to trying the Flora Dress so…. any pattern ideas for me? Think a nice summer top or more skirts be lovely. Bearing in mind I’m roughly just over a size 16, curvy with a big chest.

Hope everyone is getting out to enjoy the sun this weekend. I’m going to try either with some EPP or a book (currently on book 19 of the year go me!)




Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Yay it’s Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! This is a great chance to discover new blogs, people and of course win prizes.

And…….Β  since it is also my birthday today I’m taking part. Just don’t ask how old I am kay?!

Today I am giving away a F8 Bundle of Japanese fabrics including my beloved Macaroon fabric which I just keep around to stroke as you do!

P1100722As this morning I am attempting my first dressmaking project…. to enter just leave a comment with your favourite sewing tip (it can be for dressmaking or quilting).

Followers though (both current and new) can gain another entry by leaving a second comment. πŸ™‚

This giveaway is open to everyone (including international participants), so please ensure that I will be able to contact you!

Entries are open until around 11pm on Friday 16th May (GMT time) and I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner.

Good luck everyone!