Finally I can breathe..

… just a little bit! The past couple of weeks have been a little insane with one week not very well at all and having to contend with payroll stuff for work then finishing off a pattern test and… my Illusions Quilt. Which I had a deadline for it to be received by Friday 25th.

But I did it… usually I take forever to finish a project and not often try anything completely new on something bigger than a block. Things I learnt throughout the Illusions Quilt process……

1) Do not dither over a design for like forever.

2) Four days before you need to post it is not the best time to change your mind and completely rip out most of your work with a view to starting again. Especially since it was a critical period workwise

3) Do not leave it til almost the last couple of weeks to get it done…

4) Do not the night before decide to practice free motion quilting on it… (just the corners mind!)

5) I can do y seams and curves plus they are addictive πŸ™‚



I must admit that not once I felt stressed or had a panic attack even though few times it looked close to not being finished. I guess this is a side effect of my job of Payroll Officer comes in I’ve trained myself to be calm and just get on with it. As Richard Cypher from the Sword of Truth series say “think of the solution and not the problem” Something I try to keep in mind.. mostly.

Anyway……. ten minutes before we left to post it I finished the hanging sleeve (my first so fingers crossed it’s not too wonky!) but here are the rubbishy photos. Just don’t look too close… the piecing… the quilting awful and the bottom right corner gah it’s all curvy and doesn’t hang straight down. Of course that doesn’t matter due to the wonky sleeve right?! One thing I did get right the fabric choices!


Technically this is my first finish of Q3 (go me!) for the Finish Along 2014 think when/if I get it back I do a proper post on it with better photos… I

In the meantime anyone going to Festival of Quilts? I’m there on the thursday and friday. One quilt I’m espeically looking forward to seeing in person is Mr Bowie of Kerry’s creation. (Massive thanks to Kerry without which the above design wouldn’t have been possible as easily πŸ™‚ )

And…. it’s one thing ticked off my FAL Q3 list πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday! I’m off to try and do something a bit slower..


Just a quick update….

… I’m still here! The past few weeks has been a little manic between work, nursing a poorly husband and falling ill myself!

Anyway better late than never the winner of the Sunday Stash Giveaway is number 16: Lucy from Charm About You πŸ™‚
SS WinnerNow I’ve been really really good lately and only added these to my stash.. 30s repros is still a must right?!


In addition to signing up for FoQ (need to make and send off within the next month!) I’ve also said I do a special quilt for a little girl’s first birthday… forgetting said birthday was 3rd July. But not too bad I’m doing my own variation on a design been planning to do for ages and this is going to be in the center.


P1100849I figured aqua make a nice serene background forΒ  a change just hoping that it works! There will be a fair bit of aqua along with some bright pinks, yellows and maybe some blues if I can work it in… Just to say bunnieeeeees and rain πŸ™‚

Also another quilt block on my list is the great granny square by Lori Holt. I have the book and had the itch forΒ  awhile I just knew these Country Girls FQs. I need more in the range tho! Just need to work out what other fabrics I can throw in to coordinate with this.


Linking up with Molli Sparkles and Sunday Stash πŸ™‚


Festival of Quilts!

I went.. did you?

Thursday came alarm set for 4am ready to be out by 5am… (yes I’m mad but it was my last day of annual leave so Cornwall to Birmingham and back in a day). Think I’m just about recovered.. what ten hours of driving and a whole day of walking do to you πŸ™‚

Met up with the lovely Rosie and we had a fab time browsing the stalls oohing and aahing over the quilts, some of my faves and those that stood out.

2013-08-08 15.37.08 2013-08-08 15.37.31 2013-08-08 15.38.23 2013-08-08 15.45.32 2013-08-08 15.54.42 2013-08-08 16.09.40 2013-08-08 16.15.10

Kerry’s quilt is in there.. can you spot it?

I also met up with some of the lovely ladies and Katy from the Popular Patchwork forum and did a gift swap. Finished my gift just after ten pm wednesday night but isn’t it so cute!

2013-08-07 21.49.01

And this is what was gifted to me. A crochet flower brooch. Not really me at all but sure I find a use for it eventually…….

2013-08-11 08.21.51

This weekend I’ve been procrastinating from playmat making and did these. Complete numpty.. I forget to change the stitch settings from when I was quilting so if you pull too hard they’ll fall apart. But once these babies are quilted they should be fine!

2013-08-11 15.15.20

Oh and before I forget.. my haul from thursday. Not bad eh?

2013-08-09 07.16.00