Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and enjoying some time off! As usual I was still finishing off a couple of gifts right up til boxing day ooops.

This is the quickest quilt I ever made… technically the border and backing fabric (the same blue fleur de lils) did not arrive until Monday. I’m so in love with that fabric think I need to order more to turn into a dress but which dress??


I knew there was a reason I never tried a panel before… the quilting is awful. I tried bobbinline for the first time so not sure if it was that or tension issues combined with my poor basting skills but it was a struggle getting it through the machine stitches were off and weird.

But… the recipient loved it! A 26 year old eeyore mad sister in law 🙂 I even finished  a parisian themed sew together bag for the mother in law.. sadly considering it was finished ten minutes after we needed to leave for boxing day lunch the photos turned fuzzy.


Yay Something to Show…

So.. it feels like forever since I’ve been here! I’ve had a rash of minis to finish for swaps that I can’t show yet as they are still in the postal system but soon hopefully 🙂

Between that and everything else including the manic extra hours/stress for work I’ve been completely wiped out and demotivated. For awhile I thought I was suffering a seasonal disorder or iron thing but I think it’s starting to pass… yesterday I managed to dig out my sewing machine and made a start on finishing this.


My first Sew Together Bag! I apologise now for the rubbish lighting but I’ve only just finished it and Matthew is already wrapping it ready to offload tomorrow…..

P1110427The inside… *shudders* butterflies….

I’ve only got a few million other things to fit in between now and next Thursday…. good job half day tomorrow right?


Yup… I’m not just a Fabric Addict… Really!

Well what a week so far- I’m exhausted and it’s only Tuesday! My to do list is ever growing…. so time for a droolworthy post…

….. Pretty Pretty Fabrics…..

So who can resist them? I know I have trouble doing that which easily explains why my fabric tower is pretty much crammed full. Which I discovered yesterday to my dismay when I gently placed my latest acquisions in. And guess what? My thoughts weren’t exactly I need to use some up… but more of where can I store new ones?

Mostly when I go giddy and buy I don’t have a certain project in mind… oops how naughty!

Here’s what’s hiding in the top drawer- aren’t they lovely? And it is a tiny fraction of what I hold… oh dear.

I’m not just a fabric hoarder too… I have a massive collection of beads and papercraft of which I had to add to last week. Not sure what I’m doing there either…. but how can you resist it?!

I’m sure some of it will become WIPS before long. But if you have any nifty pattern ideas or tutorials on what I should make with it feel free to send them my way 🙂

And stop drooling…… I’m thinking of holding a sewalong or sewing circle group (more on that to come) but if you are interested in the idea at this early stage just let me know.


P.S- Oh have you checked out a previous post on the pursey giveaway? 😀 It ends on Sunday 20th May with the winner drawn at 8pm………

Pursey Giveaway!

Ok… back in April I promised a Pursey Giveaway once I’ve reached 750 fans on facebook. Well as of today I now have 766! Due to the tightening of facebook rules I am holding the final session of the giveway here.

So… the purse it’s this one. It’s a very pretty fabric there’s just one minor problem. It has a flaw. The edging inside isn’t as neat as my perfectionist head wants it to be.

Now the lining.. is a pretty cream cotton with yellow stars and the size you ask. Well it’s 16.5 x 12.5 cm.

Well.. who wants a chance to win it? And I’ll even throw something extra inside like a present. 🙂

All you have to do is comment on this post. It would be an added bonus if you could browse my shop and tell me what you like best.

But no pressure…. you won’t be discounted if you don’t. I will using the power of a random generator to choose the winner next Sunday 20th at 8pm.

You have seven days….. feel free to share this post with anyone who likes pretty things. 🙂

The list below have already entered via Facebook but feel free to play the game if you like!

  • Gael Denney
  • Jessica Schofield
  • Sue Carter
  • Lisa Murray
  • Alice Wright
  • Donna Selwood
  • Rebecca Rabey
  • Becky Eyley
  • Leigh Thow
  • Bethan Brown
  • Tracey Williams
  • Val Brittain