Yippee… internet back this week so finally catching up on a few things! Didn’t think it would take me this long to get settled after moving house but not quite there yet.

My sewing mojo however is creeping back although mostly that’s due to the Sewing Directory event that happened in Exeter last saturday- more pics etc here.  Please don’t ask me where I am as I hate all photos of myself and thinking why oh why did I wear that?! It was a lovely day and I ended up making this eventually…

2013-09-14 16.20.27Not overally original… but love the fabric combo and my brain was frazzled from work.

Anyway……. in a bid to try and motivate myself here are some of my current WIP/UFOS…


Labour of love…. hexies epp. Just the border to add to the top then quilt bind and work out how to sew wallhanging tabs!


The “Everyday” tablecloth… hexie flowers in progress and if anyone has any of those fabrics especially the Timeless Treasures teacups pretty please throw em my way?


Supersecret hexie projects…. need cutting into shape quilting and finishing etc.

Erm yes theres a theme so far… handsewing hexies but that’s all I’ve been able to do/feel up to! I do have a ton of other stuff to finish too.. couple quilts for christmas, a cushion or two and a fair few blocks for bee commitments.

Now onto some droolworthy fabric pictures…….


Heaven and Helsinki! Painstakingly built up with a FQ here and there… cannot wait to start ” Spring Carnival” epp pattern (Katy Jones) to do a really cool wallhanging.


This was a seriously cute impulse buy… except it’s not my care bears aka the ones I grew up with 80s. No idea what to make with this- anyone?

Hope everyone is managing to bust their WIP list better than me! Until next time…….



Hello January 2013!

Wow is it 2013 already?

Time keeps being gobbled up quick lately! My little Christmas break and early January has comprised of frantically trying to finish some presents, family stuff, birthdays and sorting out my assignment that was due this morning. Juggling full time work and the final year of a degree is not easy and zaps me out a lot of the time but I will be making time for myself each week.

My Button

To keep me motivated I’m linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes and entering this project…..

Wonky Star Quilt WIP

It’s going to be a wonky star quilt and has been in my ufo pile for a couple of months. 3 out of the 9 blocks are completed and the only cutting left to do is some Kona Snow squares, borders and bindings. Hopefully the finished project will look great! But my aim is to finish piecing it this month!

I’m also setting myself more goals for January…..

Think that’s more than enough for me to get on with! What about you any projects?


Crafty Creatives Box

Last month I’ve heard of Crafty Creatives– a company where you sign up and get a box full of crafty goodies to play with each month. Perfect I thought for random inspiration.

Cue much squeeing when this arrived….

Some of the goodies…. coloured jingle bells, vintage style alice in wonderland postcard, ribbon and more!

There was even this cute project inside a crochet mouse- which I can’t wait to attempt! Although my most recent crochet was a disaster…

Definitely worth subscribing to for me this month.. I just got to think of some things to create with it.


Just Because….

So the past few days have not been good creativitywise. I tried and tried but could not pull myself out of the black hole so last night I decided stuff it… I’m going to put aside thoughts of presents and things for the shop and do something I’ve been wanting to try for a few months… the Craftsy Block of the Month class.

Except this morning… I got sidetracked by another idea I saw. When I’ve finished I took it to show the husband and he asked what’s that for now. My reply?? Just Because…


Led to this…

And oh wow isn’t it amazing? Am totally in love with this design and colours but what to do with it?

The block is approx 12″ and do I turn it into a tote bag, wallhanging or the beginnings of a baby quilt. Decisions, decisions, decisions!



After what seemed to be a slow and laborious week I think I’m finally getting somewhere…

Despite working Payroll I’ve lost a semblance of mathematical ability this week how did I think these blocks would match in my head??

But I am almost there with this border… look at all the bows ready to be sewn in one long strip!

So… what are your recent craft disasters?

This afternoon I’m taking a break from fabrics and delving into Christmas papercrafts… see these lovely goodies to play with?

I’ve even resurrected a kid’s classic for baking… but with a more grown up and healthy twist any guesses?


Sometimes you just need to stop!

So… my morning went like this woke 530am, tried to get back to sleep. Fail. Moved about 620am in need of caffeine and crumpets slathered with chilli Philadephia yum (if you not tried this do!). Watched an episode of Vampire Diaries on itvplayer whilst waiting for the husband to get up and get ready for work.

After which I could sew! I’m part of the UK Borders- Add a Border Bee organised by the talented Kerry of Pennydog. I thought no problem will work on phase two of my border. However after much cutting, sewing and unpinning I’ve only ended up with the corner pinwheels… slightly wonky!

The green border I added yesterday and my *plan* is pinwheels in the corner then the rest of the border made up of Moda Snow Batik in bows with the white/starry fabric. At this rate it might take me all year.. 😦

I did finally finish my first proper mini quilt yesterday- this uber cute Cupcake wallhanging.. well I just need to add the tabs to it to go on the wall but I love it… imperfect quirks and all. Ssh pretend you don’t notice the slightly chipped button.. I broke a needle on it.

I really love the quilted feel of this! It reminds me of a table cloth so have added that to my ever expanding list….

Last thing I promise today… this will be going in my shop soon- what do you think? A Christmassy Penguin fabric art 🙂