Just quickly…

I’m still here! The past few weeks has been chaos- doctors, being ill (again!) and covering sickness at work.

Not fun! As it has meant this week being out of the house just after 7am and not being back til almost 7pm… Very little time to sew and play. Gutted missed most of the SMS giveaways but as my work day is spent on a computer I really couldn’t face it when got home.

However some quick finishes last week (feels like a month ago now!)

2013-12-08 19.21.44 2013-12-08 19.22.50A wabbit for my nephew and my secret santa gifts 🙂 I’ve also need to put the finishing touches on my Minerva Crafts Blogger Challenge before I reveal that to you hopefully life will calm down next week (but doubt it!).

What are you all up to?