Finding my feet… again

It’s been annoying busy around these parts lately! Especially with car trouble which meant no car for about a week… and some secret sewing that can’t be shown yet 🙂

Anyway in general I’m happy with actually getting some sewing done. First up is my first sewtogether bag this year. I did three just before Christmas and had forgotten a couple of steps. This one is a birthday present for a friend and also a belated thank you present for putting me up a couple of nights last summer.

Turtle Best Day Ever Sewtogether Bag (2)  Turtle Best Day Ever Sewtogether Bag (3)Turtle Best Day Ever Sewtogether Bag (1)I hope she likes it! Was awfully tempted to keep it for myself! I included some other extras in it too 🙂

Stupidly I forgot to link up with the Finish A Long Q1 but I be back soon with my Q2 list and some other bits to show… plus I am SO looking forward to something that be arriving next week !


Yay Something to Show…

So.. it feels like forever since I’ve been here! I’ve had a rash of minis to finish for swaps that I can’t show yet as they are still in the postal system but soon hopefully 🙂

Between that and everything else including the manic extra hours/stress for work I’ve been completely wiped out and demotivated. For awhile I thought I was suffering a seasonal disorder or iron thing but I think it’s starting to pass… yesterday I managed to dig out my sewing machine and made a start on finishing this.


My first Sew Together Bag! I apologise now for the rubbish lighting but I’ve only just finished it and Matthew is already wrapping it ready to offload tomorrow…..

P1110427The inside… *shudders* butterflies….

I’ve only got a few million other things to fit in between now and next Thursday…. good job half day tomorrow right?