First Finish of 2015

Technically… even though I’ve sewn this is the first actual finish and it’s something knocked off my FAL Q1 list too!

It’s my mini for the current round of the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap. I changed my mind so many times as I was a little out of my comfort zone with my partner Craftyhannah.

In the end I settle of a New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese pattern… lot of paper piecing… mutterings and curves later it was pieced. Then it was the quilting… I dithered for about a week and half and in the end put on my fmq foot and big girl pants…. voila an organic waves pattern. It’s far from perfect but I love it 🙂 And…. the back is amazingly fine!

Mini Swap Betteroffthread New York Beauty of Flying Geese (2)

There were a few I had my eye on in the IG Pool and what came was one of those! A gorgeous hexie out of B&C fabrics and some lovely goodies too including a portable EPP kit by the lovely Gretchen. Guess what will be coming to work with me tomorrow 🙂

Mini Swap Hexie Bonnie and Camille

My next swap is due in April for the UKmini hosted by BossyOz and I must say I’m intimidated again by my partner…. dithering over what to do……….

Then May it’s the Outlander swap I’m co-hosting with Kylie (still open details here). I’m resisting other swaps that are popping up as I have some secret sewing to finish…

Sometimes I wonder how does everyone manage to fit it all in?


November… already?

Work commitments and being ill has put be a little bit behind! But how is everyone?

I’ve found some more lovely tutorials for tote bags…

How about this fab reversible tote from the Eternal Maker?


Before I forget have you checked out the new website yet? Pop on over to and share with your friends! The next few sales will receive a mini goody bag!


It’s the next crafty swap!

So.. with the success of my first swap (the pincushion) behind me- it’s time to announce the next!

Brilliantly suggested by Claire (Claire E Poppins on twitter) it is perfect to jumpstart any christmas projects as everyone needs one.

Without further ado…. the next mission will be to create a mini tote bag!

There are some fab tutorials around- my personal fave is using one of my favourite fabric lines.

This gorgeous tutorial can be found over on VeryKerryBerry’s blog along with some other amazing bits and pieces.

Rules…. Sorry but there is a need!

Medium: As long as you make it yourself it can be in any medium either sewn with fabrics, patchwork, knitted, crocheted, crossstitched, felted….

Entrants: UK only! I think it’s best due to posting restrictions/costs

Day to Enrol By: 10th October 2012

Day to Post By: 30th November 2012

Due to it being this time of year- I’m leaving a little extra time for this one 🙂

How to Sign Up: Either leave me a comment here or email me at please don’t forget to include your email address.

Once the enrolment day has passed I will pair you up and email you with your partner.

Don’t forget to join the flickr group and update everyone on your process or just to chat.

So… who’s in for this bit of fun?


Catch Up… And Finally Some Pin Cushion Lovelies!

Phew where has this week gone? I did managed to have a couple of days off work but filled them with crafty goodness.

Thursday saw me in Delabole at a workshop learning piping, hidden zips and buttonholes… isn’t this lovely?

Karen is a very patient instructor and lovely! If you fancied booking on to one of her workshops or even buying some of her lovely goodies- her website is the place to go! Take a peek at Just Bunting.

Friday I trotted up to Exeter to the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts event through several weather zones varying from bright sun and blue sky to heavy bouts of mist and rain!  But it was worth it… see what I’ve got!

Question is…. what to create with it all?!

Now… as a treat for reading this far have you seen some of the creations from the Pin Cushion swap?

A lovely strawberry! From Frances Hill of Tilly Jackson.

Isn’t the lovely- teapot and girlie from Jackie or MrsJC.

Some more gorgeousness from Claire. 

From Zoe of Buttoned Up and Pinned Down.

What Sophie of Cannybelle received from Michelle.



MrsShilts and Bluebirds and Daisies cushions 🙂

Last but not least Sarah’s turtle and my girlie looking owl 🙂

Aren’t they all lovely and amazing? Which one is your favourite?

Now some of you may be waiting to hear this… the next swap will be annouced tomorrow! And you have Claire to thank for the idea…

Head on over to the flickr group to join and keep up to date on any news!


Some more cute Pincushions….

Shameless plug first- have you seen/signed up for my pincushion swap? The signup closes on the 31st July…. full details here!
Who hasn’t heard of the Moda Bake Shop? It’s a place where you can find lots of lovely sewing recipes to tryI already have my eye on a few!

Like this simpleish and cute pincushion by Kim Niedzwiecki (featured on the MBS)


You can do all sort of funky shapes too- like this one by Kimber.

To anyone else does it remind you of a jester and all you need is a bell!

That’s my lovely picks for the day and still I’m no closer to what I’m actually going to make for my partner… are you?


Just so you know…

… I’ve not been slacking!

So yesterday was not a good day for me how about yours?

I have realised that I’ve forgotten to show off with what I’ve been busy with the past couple weeks so without further ado…

1. Patchwork Blocks- for Kerry’s “PennyDog” UK Borders Quilting Bee– I made two as I’m fussy… went with the boat one to go off.

2. ACEO swaps over on the ATC For All Forum

3. Freehand Embroidery Workshop over at Threads in Hayle

4. Bead Soup Party (more to come on that on Monday!)

Lastly have you seen my pincushion swap? Don’t forget to join! And keep your eye on the blog for some tutorials and more eyecandy to spur your mind…


Pincushion Swap!

Pin cushions… now who doesn’t love them? They are cute and functional and very easy to be addicted to collecting them!

I missed some amazing swaps this year so thought host my own. So who’s up for a bit of fun? The idea is to be given a partner, make a pincushion and swap!

The Pesky Details…

Medium: As long as you make it yourself it can be in any medium either sewn with fabrics, patchwork, knitted, crocheted, crossstitched, felted….

Entrants: Open to all UK and International (If you don’t want an international partner let me know!)

Day to Enrol By: 31st July 2012

Day to Post By: 31st August 2012

How to Sign Up: Either leave me a comment here or email me at please don’t forget to include your email address.

Once the enrolment day has passed I will pair you up and email you with your partner.

Feel free to have fun, blog and make friends so who’s in?

To start you off on some creativity some pincushion eye candy below 🙂


The lovely Party Cottage from Hippywitch on Etsy.

Daisy Pincushion by Lynwoodcrafts on Etsy.

How scary and exciting…

… was my first ACEO swap!

For those who are going what?! ACEO stands for Art, Cards, Editions and Originals. Basically mini works of art approx 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and can be on any medium.

I found the ATCsforALL forum via Pixiecorpse. (check out the etsy shop for some amazing pieces 🙂 )

I dithered… and finally signed up for Pixiecorpse’s swap with the theme of Star Wars the Clown Wars.

Not known for my drawing skills… it was tough coming up with some themes but I don’t think I’ve done too bad…. what do you think?

Not going to stop me signing up to more now… I’m addicted! Especially to my watercolouring pencils…