After what seemed to be a slow and laborious week I think I’m finally getting somewhere…

Despite working Payroll I’ve lost a semblance of mathematical ability this week how did I think these blocks would match in my head??

But I am almost there with this border… look at all the bows ready to be sewn in one long strip!

So… what are your recent craft disasters?

This afternoon I’m taking a break from fabrics and delving into Christmas papercrafts… see these lovely goodies to play with?

I’ve even resurrected a kid’s classic for baking… but with a more grown up and healthy twist any guesses?


How scary and exciting…

… was my first ACEO swap!

For those who are going what?! ACEO stands for Art, Cards, Editions and Originals. Basically mini works of art approx 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and can be on any medium.

I found the ATCsforALL forum via Pixiecorpse. (check out the etsy shop for some amazing pieces 🙂 )

I dithered… and finally signed up for Pixiecorpse’s swap with the theme of Star Wars the Clown Wars.

Not known for my drawing skills… it was tough coming up with some themes but I don’t think I’ve done too bad…. what do you think?

Not going to stop me signing up to more now… I’m addicted! Especially to my watercolouring pencils…



My New Favourite Thing….

If anyone is like me.. you will have loads of crafty bits and bobs lying around from wool to fabrics to fimo to beads and even artsy stuff.

After being inspired to pick up the Michael Powell stamp from Trago a few weeks ago I finally decided to try it out……. since I had enough jewellery in my shop for a bit and the sewing machine isn’t wanting to be friends this weekend.

Usually with stamps I would just throw myself in with the limited supply of pro markers I own but as I’m taking part in the Crafty Folk Round Robin Giveaway- full details here. And…. it’s arrived on the doorstop for my turn I needed to do something different.

Out came the art set… mmm I tried pastels first with some colouring pencils and promarkers thrown in- looks alright doesn’t it?

Then I remembered some watercolour pencils I bought awhile back and decided to play…. attempts 1 and 2 in order.

Number 2 is definitely my favourite! And now… I might just be addicted to watercolour pencils as I’m already planning my next project.

What does everyone think?


P.S- So… the Purse giveaway ends in 40 minutes- will it be you?