About Me

Hi! (cue crazy waving!)

I’m Hannah, an obsessive compulsive fabricaholic in my early thirties. I actually started out crafting with beads but when planning my wedding got sucked into other crafts and the world of fabrics (let’s not mention the 56m of wedding bunting I crazily did). I’ll sew anything to try it out but my main love is patchwork!

By day I work for a local arts University as the Payroll Officer which whilst I love it and the chance to play with numbers. It is as far from creative as you can be! So when I get the chance I try and indulge 🙂 It’s not uncommon to find me at my work desk early doing some EPP or during lunch!

What else about me… umm love books, seals, wolves, woodlands and did I mention I’m from Cornwall?!

Hopefully you’ll stick around and soon share my love of 30s repros and EPP.

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  1. Hello my favourite selkie,
    Officially nominating you for a Liebster Award cause you’re awesome

    Details at:



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