Scrap Bag Sampler Week 5 – Four in a row

This week is all about fussy cutting and with this hexagon block designed by @cotefleurie

Now who doesn’t love a hexie?


  • 7 x 3 inch background fabric
  • Assorted scraps for hexagons
  • Template plastic
  • Water based glue stick

Make a plastic template of the ¾ inch hexagon shape. Note that the template does not include seam allowances. Free hexagon templates are available to download from

Choose your fabric for the hexagons. If you wish to fussy cut your fabric, choose the motif or pattern you wish to highlight and place the template accordingly on the WS of the fabric. Draw round the template and then cut out the hexagon, being careful to add ¼ inch seam allowance all the way around.


Cut out 4 paper templates using the plastic hexagon template. No seam allowance needs to be added to these paper templates.

Glue baste the hexagons. Place the paper templates on the WS of the fabric hexagons making sure they are centred. Put a thin line of glue on one outside edge of the paper hexagon and fold the fabric seam over to glue in place. Continue around the hexagon shape until all the edges of the hexagon have been folded over and glued. Leave to dry. If preferred the hexagons can be thread basted.

Decide on the layout of your hexagons and join them into a row of four. This can either be via whipstitch or a flat back stitch as shown by Karen at

Try not to sew through the papers as this will make it more difficult to remove them.

Press the row of hexagons. Using tweezers, gently pull back the glued seam allowances and remove the papers. Fold the seam allowances back in place and press again on the back and the front, checking that the hexagons have not been distorted.

Centre the row of hexagons on your background fabric and pin in place. Using thread to match the hexagons, hand appliqué in place using fell stitch/appliqué stitch: bring your needle up through the hexagon fabric very close to the folded edge, then back down into the background fabric right next to the folded edge, making a tiny stitch. Bring the needle up again through the hexagon fabric approx. ⅛ inch further along. Repeat until the hexagons are stitched in place, making sure that the points of the hexagons are secured and that any excess fabric from the seam allowances is tucked under before stitching in place.

If preferred the hexagons can be appliquéd in place by machine. Press the finished block and trim to 6½ x 2½ inches.

Visit our designers on Instagram to see their versions of this block : @cotefleurie @getahashtagkim @JustSewSue @lisasew @metroquilter @picosailors @pippaspatch @quirkyhannah  @surfseasew @therunninghare



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