Ickle Project….

So… with all my projects on the go at the moment I don’t really need to start another one. But you know how you get something in your head and it just consumes your thoughts right?

Well enter these panels… I found these again when I was tidying up my space last week and since then the idea of a mini quilt kept floating in my head with some sort of literary quote underneath.


So this morning each panel I’ve cut out and been playing with the layout. I love the stories you can make it from it and it’s very Austen!

Now the only thing left… is what quote?! And whether to freehand the letters on or embroider. Decisions decisions…. in the meantime tonight it’s back to the Schnitzelandboo Mini Quilt!


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  1. I think embroidery would look great and you could use literary quotes or something funny like you get on those greeting cards with old pictures!!

  2. I’ve got to disagree. Yes, you very much DO need to start another project. At least one. One is the minimum. If you don’t have a huge amount of WIPs at all times the quilting police WILL come round and take your stash. it’s the law.

  3. Love those panels! Can’t wait to see what you make!


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