Woodland Critters.. aka a Finish!

So… my entry for the West Country Quilt Show is complete and is currently winging it’s way to Bristol. Helen and I are heading up on the Friday for it- is anyone else going? I’m looking forward to a trip out!


Please excuse the photos.. there was literally five minutes before we had to leave to catch the post office in case there was a manic queue (always!)

I was feeling quite proud of myself until I looked at the photos… at6am looks like I got overzealous with squaring it up but hey ho I started this a little less than a month ago- it’s all handsewn and despite my intentions.. it is not all hand quilted.


i cheated the majority is machine quilted but using one of my snazzy new Perle #8 I did some hand quilting around the centre stars. Which I love… I wish I had time to do some in white around the next border but maybe when I get it back?! Think handquilting going to become another favourite thing of mine.


The backing is one piece of a Red Rooster fabric I had picked up on a whim ages ago and it wasn’t until I was binding I noticed butterflies…. obviously when I bought it my brain zeroed in on the birds and ignored the butterflies. Argh good job it’s on the back right?! Butterflies and dolphins just don’t go there for me……..

And… guess what? It’s only another finish ticked up my FAL Q4 list šŸ™‚

Now to get prepping for my manic gift sewing fest this week. Happy sunday all looks like there is some sun today!



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  1. Hi Hannah, love the quilt, you deserve to win something. Well done! Jenny Trew

  2. That’s amazing that you did (almost) all of it by hand. It’s beautiful. Good luck in the show!

  3. YES! *high fives my fellow butterfly hater*
    I actually thought I didn’t like dolphins either, cocky gits that they are, but I saw some in Vancouver and they won me over with their awesomeness. Butterflies, still no.

    Congrats on the finish- I think machine quilting looks better anyway- good luck in the show!

  4. No, no, no, they’re not butterflies, they’re flowers that are shaped slightly like butterflies, so don’t worry, no dolphins or butterflies to see here! Well done on getting it finished, it looks great.

  5. Oh I can’t wait to see your quilt on display …. Shhhhh … I love butterflies and all wild things, but not keen on domestic pets!!


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