Scrap Bag Sampler – Week 1 Fun with Flying Geese


Foundation Pieced Flying Geese

Dip your toes into foundation paper piecing with this strip of flying geese designed by @justsewsue to start off this sewalong!

The pattern and instructions below belongs to Sue so please stop by her IG account or her blog too!


You will need…

  • 5” to 3” squares of background fabric cut into triangles
  • Assorted scraps for geese measuring at least 2.5” by 4.5” but don’t cut your pieces down to this size as you will trim as you go
  • Foundation paper (or if you prefer regular printer paper). Sue uses Jenny Doak’s foundation paper that you can find on Amazon.


Download the foundation pattern here.

Print onto your desired paper at actual size (if you use greyscale it uses less ink). Measure the test 1″ box to ensure it’s printed correctly and then away you go!

If you are a planner mark on the paper the colour fabric that for each goose. Don’t use a Frixion pen as you will lose the markings when you press your work. Otherwise just go for it and be random!


Then cut apart the paper patterns leaving a good quarter inch around the dark cutting line.


You are ready to start sewing. The first section is potentially the trickiest but after that you just follow the numbers.

Take your first geese fabric and place it on the wrong side of the foundation pattern, face up. Pin on the right side parallel to the stitching line between A1 and A2. Fold back the foundation along the stitching line between A1 and A2. Trim the fabric ¼” away from the line of the paper.

Place a background triangle of fabric face down on your geese fabric, matching the edge

of the background triangle to the geese triangle.  Keeping a firm hold of the fabric, turn over

and pin perpendicular to the line between A1 and A2. 

Turn your stitch length down to 1.6 as the paper will be perforated and much easier to remove. Stitch along the line between A1 and A2. Starting in the seam allowance and continuing into piece A4. Press the fabric away from A1 and double check the darker fabric isn’t showing in the background. If it is, this is the time to grade the seam by trimming the seam allowance of the darker fabric.

Now it’s time to repeat your actions for piece A3. Remember the mantra – trim, stitch, press, repeat.

Fold the paper back on the line between A1 and A3. You may tear some of the paper, but don’t worry that will make the removal of the paper easier. If you rip too hard, use a scrap

of foundation paper and a glue stick to repair the tear, don’t use sticky tape, it won’t end well!! Trim the fabric ¼” away from the line of the paper. Place a background triangle of fabric face down on your geese fabric, matching the edge of the background triangle to the geese triangle.  Keeping a firm hold of the fabric, turn over and pin perpendicular to the line between A1 and A2.

Stitch along the line between A1 and A3. Starting in the seam allowance and continuing into piece A4. Press the fabric away from A1 and double check the darker fabric isn’t showing in the background.

Instead of pressing you can use a wallpaper seam roller but definitely press with an irononce the unit is completed. Repeat the sequence – trim, stitch, press, repeat until you have sewn all twelve sections. This is a good leader and ender project.

Press the finished block and trim to 4½ x 2½ inches. Sometimes the paper shrinks slightly

when pressing, so just make sure you cut to the correct size.Wait to sew sections together until you have a better idea of what size you need, but this block would look great as a rainbow.


Visit our designers on Instagram to see our versions of this block : @cotefleurie @getahashtagkim @JustSewSue @lisasew @metroquilter @picosailors @pippaspatch @quirkyhannah  @surfseasew @therunninghare


Scrap Bag Sampler – Schedule!

Who’s excited about Friday’s kick off on the #scrapbagsampler sewalong ???

Block instructions will be published every Friday on our blogs and we will all be posting our own versions of the block on Instagram too. Keep checking that hashtag !! #scrapbagsampler 

Our first stop is with Sue also known as @justsewsue on IG 
Followed by :-

17 January @getahashtagkim

24 January @quirkyhannah (Me!!)

31 January @metroquilter

7 February @cotefleurie

14 February @pippaspatch who blogs Here
21 February @picosailors who blogs Here

28 February @therunninghare

6 March @Lisasew

13 March @surfseasew

Towards the end of March you’ll have all the blocks and can get on with finishing your project.

You could make the bucket bag which Sue has graciously designed and will share with us on 20th March.

Sue’s design needs a panel 30” by 8” (finished) and she has used :- six 4” squares, three 6” squares, one 2” square, one 2 x 4” strip and two 2” x 6” strips.

Do you already have some small blocks which are unloved? Incorporate them into your design.

You can mix and match, most of our blocks are variable in sizes.

You can customise your favourite bag pattern, tote bag, project bag, how about a cute zipped pouch, a mini quilt, you could even make more blocks for a baby quilt or super size them up for a lap quilt. Use those scraps, they will just keep multiplying otherwise.

The end of the sewalong will be 9pm GMT Easter Monday April 13th and please share your finished projects using the #scrapbagsampler hashtag. Myself and all the designers can’t wait to see what you make and share our own finishes with you.

Roll on Friday !!!

New Year Furtle

Hellooo 2020 and goodbye 2019 which was a bit of a weird year. Not too great but looking forward to having a real plan for 2020!

Archie The Wonder Dog


Now… December I actually made stuff yes really! Albeit it was pretty much up to the wire for Christmas gifts but here goes……

Pride and Prejudice Cross Stitch Sampler Cushion

I started this back in September as part of a SAL from Stitching Book Club that was released in 3 parts. Balancing this with work and study I thought it would be a breeze… phff not. Cue the stitching finished on 23rd December, turned into a cushion and gifted early on the 24th to the Mother in law.

Sophia the Unicorn

My 5yo niece is obsessed with unicorns and by that I mean it’s her favourite animal and she sees them everywhere! I had meant to dig out a pixel unicorn quilt top to finish, make the Hartman Lisa pattern as a cushion but didn’t quite get there. After months of begging for a giant stuffed toy I saw this and couldn’t resist getting it to make up for her.  It’s part of a pattern set released by the Knitty Critters and uses chunkey squishy blanket yarn which is a dream to crochet and comes together quickly. That said do you know when this was finished…… the morning of 25th December and gifted that afternoon.

Minecraft Cushion


So the brother of the unicorn obsessed niece is 8 and all he does/talk etc is Minecraft. Thanks to Jane who kindly gave me some of the fabric I was able to whip this up whilst waiting for Christmas lunch to cook and gift later that day! A fail though was the seals quilt he asked- maybe this year eh.

In the works…..


So here Toby was finished in 2019 just about and is destined for another nephew. What he’s currently sat on though is my sister’s Christmas present a quilt.. but it’s me and normally something big and handmade tends to be late.

January Furtles

What’s in store this month? Well sadly I still work full time (or rather more than that!), in the third and last year of my Masters’s degree so now the ante is upped and I start the dreaded dissertation. However I have a small list of goals. You may have already seen that I’m a designed in the upcoming Scrap Bag Sampler SAL (you must join in it will be such fun!). I’m also doing a couple of other cross stitch SALs and plan to do a couple more cushions (been asked for another minecraft one) as well as ticking over some other projects.

Scrap Bag Sampler – Intro Post

This post is a little overdue…. but just in case any of you (who are still around) and not on Instagram I will be one of the designers taking part in the Scrap Bag Sampler sewalong that has been organised by Just Sew Sue.

It’s a fun little sewalong that starts on 10th January with the ethos of not going out and buying new fabric or patterns to join in but rather dig through your scraps (or stash) to make small blocks every week to try get that pile under control!

Over the course of ten weeks a designer will share a project each week of a small block that is perfect to hone your skills or try out new techniques. The blocks are small enough to even been treated as leaders and enders for other projects you are working on.

During the last week a bucket bag pattern that Just Sew Sue has specially designed for this project will be released which you can use your patchwork panel for. This bag will be approx 8″ tall with a diameter of 9.5″ which means your finished panel will be 30″ x 8″.

That said if you have  a favourite bag  pattern please feel free to use that and also if you have random lone blocks lying around incorporate them into the project- anything goes.

So without further ado the designers for this project are (with links to their Instagram page): @cotefleurie @getahashtagkim @JustSewSue @lisasew @metroquilter   @picosailors @pippaspatch @quirkyhannah @therunninghare

Hope to see you all join in! If you post on Instagram please use the hashtag #scrapbagsampler so we can all find you 🙂

Modern Quilt Club Retreat Makes

Now this showcase is a *little* overdue considering the retreat was early June but hey ho work, studies seems everything gets in the way. I haven’t even shown this properly on Instagram yet either!

For those that don’t know Modern Quilt Club retreat runs twice a year in a lovely hotel near Leeds. Originally started as Simply Solids but when Lisa and Justine decided to close the doors on that, Lisa took it on as part of her Modern Quilt Club umbrella.

It’s an amazing retreat- spa hotel with swimming, all the food you can want and of course 24/7 access to sew! With the occasional workshop thrown in. It runs from Friday lunchtime to mid/late afternoon on the sunday.

Well what did I do? I did prep a lot (for me) of projects before I went but Friday for some weird reason decided to carry on prepping my Double Wedding Ring project (big mistake as I mucked up some cutting placement). However this is what I did do on the weekend…

A sweet sewing machine cover to keep the dust off my machine. All the fabrics apart from the binding are from What Saysie Makes– doesn’t she have the most adorable fabric selection?

A weetravelpal made using some precious Particle Press scraps, glittery vinyl and essex linen. Really love this!

A zippered basket pouch- pattern by Aneela Hoey.

Cushions… cushions… cushions! A reading cushion for a nephew’s birthday (pattern by the Sewing Directory), then one for me and one for Matthew.

I’ll show off the swap makes next time. I’ve already booked onto the October retreat and can’t wait!

Simply Lettering…

So last week a new magazine launched for those into calligraphy and hand lettering. Ever since I was little I always wanted to practice my letters and have dabbled on and off especially with the intention of doing something great for embroidery pieces.

It never really took off for me as other crafts were more urgent but I couldn’t wait to get this issue. It came with some brush pens and practice sheets so no excuse! There are lots of lovely articles, tips and projects inside the pages but for now it was all about the letters….

What I really liked was that for each letter it started off with examples for you to trace then blank to do for stratch. I cottoned on too late than maybe I should not try to copy exactly the letter they had but ensure it was comfortable for me! After all this practice is all about obtaining the muscle memory and feeling that you can do it.

I wasn’t too impressed with the pen, you can’t see it clearly but after a couple of letters it started to get a bit wrecked… and I hadn’t applied that much pressure!

That said I have now caught the bug and some enthuisam to keep going- I just need more tools! Any suggestions on paper or pens to get me going in the right direction?

Time for a Furtle #1

Archie The Wonder Dog

Earlier this month a group of us over on IG have been talking about reviving our blogs and actually taking time and pleasure in doing that and reading others. Don’t get me wrong Instagram is amazing and connects so easily but sometimes that snapshot is over and gone with before a) you know it’s there b) there’s no time to savor and engage properly. I don’t know about you but I feel worn out with this constant need to be “on” 24/7.

Furtle eh what’s that? Right this is a monthly link up for crafty blogs as a deadline to blog adn see what everyone else is up to. Mini Archie here explains Mini Archie’s Furtle Around the Blogosphere much better that I so… shoot off read that and then pop back 🙂

So… on to where I am crafty wise. Currently I am attempting to knit the Hitchhiker Shawl. I love this Mini Eggs colourway but not quite sure it’s “me” to wear as a scarf? I did buy this intended for socks… Alas by the time I took this photo the sun had disappeared! For a proper reflection see here. I am so slow at knitting! Have a feeling it may take 500 years to see this finished…

My sewing machine is going to feel neglected soon as what I have planned this month is a seal pup needlefelting workshop and tution to make some socks! Those on IG will know my woes of trying to finish off a toe up sock from a workshop last year. After a month of wrangling I finally pop in to where I did the workshop on a day off (the person wasn’t there) then I arranged over messenger to meet them at another time and I offered to pay! Turned up but they didn’t… Luckily I found someone else to help me out!

Here’s the dreaded socks…. about 75% finished it’s just the heel (the instructions make no sense to me or my knitty friends).

Hopefully then I plan to do something with these…. but toe down this time!

That’s my month sorted along with work and working on my next MSc assignment so what are everyone’s plans? x

FAL 2019 Q1

Ok so as part of my aim to better organise myself this year I thought I’d join in with the FAL again! Keeping it short and sweet as between the balls of work, study, work etc the one for play time keeps being dropped!

So without further ado what I *would* like to finish in the next couple of months….

1. An actual pair of socks, I am still struggling with the heel. I really must kick myself into gear to visit the city where I took this workship oh umm Feb 2018….

2. My crochet star blanket- it is a bit bigger than this but I think a long way to go still….

3. My QST quilt (yes MINE!)

4. Quilt this sweet baby quilt for my niece

So that’s it…. no doubt what I end up doing is everything BUT these! Linking up with the Finish Along 2019.

2019: First Finish and Going Forward…

2018 now seems like a distant memory and my worst blogging year ever- five posts! But let’s not dwell on that…. and the fact I can’t remember much of what I accomplished last year!

This year though I finished something on New Year’s Day! (nothing since mind….) I took part the night before in a virtual sewalong party on NYE I figured as it’s only a pouch I’d better finish it sharpish and ta da…..

The Open Out Box Pouch (pattern by Aneela Hoey). I chose to do the larger size and glad I did as think would have struggled with the zip curve section in a smaller pouch! As you can see it holds a sock project perfectly… and is patiently awaiting a crochet project for when I next go to group.

The outside is made of a Tula Pink print and the inside Kate Spain with a bit of good ole Essex Linen. Such a pretty combo if I do say so myself.

Now if only I can finish the other gazillion things on my list! Currently working on a way to organise myself this year so I can feel that I actually achieved something! The look… the layout (hey even the frequency) of this blog may change in the coming months as plans are afoot.


Q3 – 2018 FAL

*edit* not all my photos have uploaded will sort tomorrow*

Ok… now my course has finished for the summer I actually have some free time!so I decided to join in with everyone on the FAL bus. Nothing too taxing as I have no annual leave from work over the summer and only til September to play when the course starts up again. Who thought it’s a good idea to start an MSc on top of full time work? Yeah me..

1. Bon Voyage Cushion- I attended the South West Modern Quilters workshop last sat where the lovely Kerry of verykerryberry led the workshop on creating her beautiful block. I was so excited I finished he piecing over the weekend!

2. Up, up and Away Quilt – this pattern is by Sarah Ashford, foundation piece and perfect for one of the baby quilts I need to have finished soon. Going for pastelly shades possibly.

3. Baby Wagon Wheels quilt – yup another baby quilt this for my four month old niece who’s been patiently waiting ( although may be waiting til she’s 18?) This lovely EPP pattern is by Jenny of Hashtagsew.

4. Into the Tropics Baby Quilt. Most of the rows are pieced all I need is a 5″ square of Jade flurry to finish one row and that I can quilt.

6. Alice in Wonderland Maker Tote- it’s coming along let’s leave it at that

7. Gifts- being sneaky here but some weebrawbags and booklet pouches all cut out just waiting to be sewn.

8. EPP geometric mini quilt for the South West Modern Quilt Guid rainbow challenge. Need be ready for September as we are holding our first exhibition!

9. Quilt my pixelated unicorn quilt. Am very scared of this.

10. Green polka Schoolhouse Tunic -all cut just need to be sewn

11. Experimenting on my dressmaking journey a floral viscose Alice dress

12. Cashmerette skirt pattern

13. My inspirational quote – cross stitch pattern by the lovely Charlie of Stitchsperation

14. My poor neglected crochet star blanket

15. Just because the OH says it be 2025 before he sees it… some quilted ovengloves

16. Dolly quilt for niece

17. Last but not least a crochet turtle and pikachu for the nephew’s birthday in august. Requested specially.