FAL Q4 2016

Well… this is embarrassing. I’ve not been around so long that my last post was previously “hoping to finish” for the last FAL quarter ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I had finished one thing on that list but forgot to show…

If you follow me on Instagram you probably seen that since I’ve been on the Simply Solids Retreat (more on that soon!) I’ve been sewing up a storm and since then currently working on my sixth top being pieced. Pieced not quilted mind!

Now apologies for my ultra long list but taking advantage of my productivity levels ๐Ÿ™‚

p11304471. Disney Cars Quilt for Oliver- I actually cut this out today and hoping finish piecing too! The quilt I finished in August was for his birthday and he loves it so much it’s not gone for a wash yet hence the need for a second… and then maybe a third. He’s only two but he loves them ๐Ÿ™‚

p11304492. Wonky Stars Quilt- birthday present

p11304513. Lullaby/Essex Linen QST quilt- no idea who for yet.. but I needed use the rest of the charms up!

p11304554. Northern Lights Quilt for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look seals! I don’t have a quilt of my own yet can you believe that??!! This is as far as I got thinking pairing with purples and precious DS fabrics to make a starry type pattern

p11304565. Hexie Dinosaur Quilt! Got to get a move on as I want to give this to Matthew for christmas. The hexie thing is a private joke between us… apparently I’m obsessed and they’re everyone and that also I believe in another age hence the need for a quilt…

p11304546-8: CHRISTMAS STUFF. More than 3 things here… but isn’t the Violet Craft bundle on the right soo pretty? Thinking turning into placemats and a table centrepieced matched with… a dark grey essex linen. Also here are plans for stockings for my sister, nephew and me! As well as bunting… (yes the dreaded b word)

p11304539. Liberty QST quilt- since I broke into my liberty stash on retreat I have been a bit ruthless…. Waiting to go to the West Country Quilt Show to stack up on more liberty for this. Teamed with Pure Elements Snow I’m hoping it’ll look gorgeous!

2016-04-10-17.21.30.jpg.jpeg10. Noah’s Ark Embroidery

2016-04-14-15.03.37.jpg.jpeg11-15- Quilting various things including this table cloth and the Irish Chain quilt that has been on my FAL list for like forever!

16- The Winter Sparkle ATC for the Veryberryhandmade swap ๐Ÿ™‚

I also want to do stitchy pies, maker totes and a supernatural themed satchel but think I have a lot to be getting on with!

Who else is creating stuff for christmas? Linking up…


Finish A Long 2016 – Quarter 3

Eeek this last few months have been mental to say the list. Sadly not much of my last quarter goals actually made it into finished projects so here we go again……….

2016-04-14-15.00.50.jpg.jpeg1. Oliver’s Dragons and Knights quilt- it’s mainly a panel someone kick me into gear!! I think it’s because it is a panel I’m dragging my heels as how to quilt it??

P11008852. Starry Irish Chain Quilt- this was meant to be a birthday present TWO years ago :/

Milk, Flower and Sugar Hexagons EPP3. Milk Flour and Sugar baby quilt

4. Vintage Hexies Quilt- piece the top

I’m sticking with that for now I mean surely one must be done soon! Although it is my nephew’s birthday in August so one should hope.

What are you all working on? Linking up with……

1930s Farmer’s Wife QAL: Mrs Smith (Block 72)

(Or the block that almost did not make it…)

Hi! I’m back again in Kerry’s 1930s Farmer’s Wife QAL and ready to show you Block 72: Mrs Smith! When I first chose this block I was drawn to the star it was only when I went to piece it awhile back I realised how many pieces was within the construction ouch! That being said I don’t think it’s looking too bad……

FW 1930s 72 Mrs Smith (2)When I dug it out this weekend for photos in the sun (hello downpour of rain!) I didn’t like it in comparison with my other blocks and almost redid it… but the fabrics are just too cute.

Sorry no photos on it’s own as with my purple mat it really washed the block out! This block is machined pieced still I’ve not been brave enough to try either handpiecing or EPP on one of these! It’s a bit different from my other blocks but hoping with the mix of 30s solids and style fabrics it’ll work in the end

FW 1930s 72 Mrs Smith (1)

I always love reading the letters that go with the block and Mrs Smith is no exception, it evokes a sense of comfort, happiness and friendship.

If you are on Instagram please stop by I can be found @quirkyhannah and you can see many more gorgeous blocks in the hashtags #fw1930sqal

Hoping to catch up some more soon and lay them out properly! How is everyone else doing?


Something for me!

Yup I’ve actually sewn something for me and isn’t it lovely? If you saw my post yesterday this is it…. To match the Kindle I got for my birthday last week decided to make it’s very own case. It didn’t even take a couple of hours with drafted the pattern, cutting and sewing.

Woodland Kindle Cover Hedgehog Amazon Owl (1)It fits rather well and next time on something so small I probably won’t use Bosal Foam….

Woodland Kindle Cover Hedgehog Amazon Owl (2)Woodland Kindle Cover Hedgehog Amazon Owl (3)I even added my initial so everyone knows it’s mine! And the best bit… most of the fabric came from my scrap box! So linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday…

Le Challenge – Blossom

*Waves* anyone still around? It’s been while I know I’m sorry! Today I’m popping in to share something new…

Crochet Daisy Bookmark ReadingYes I’ve actually finished something! Using crochet if you can believe it…. A Daisy Bookmark which took me an entire AFTERNOON to do but worth it as I’m always losing bookmarks and I needed to brush up on my skills for some commissions I need to get my ass into gear to work on!

Crochet Daisy Flower Reading BookIt is almost too pretty to use! The book props are a bit random… but they are 2 I’ve just finished reading and 2 that are being started imminently and do you want to know a funny thing? For my birthday this week… I now have a Kindle which almost negates the need for a bookmark…

Linking up this baby to Le Challenge as the theme is Blossom and linkingย  inwith the daisy blossom and my blossoming skills (ha ha). Le Challenge if you are not aware of it is run by the lovely Lucy and Nat where on a monthly basis there is chance for any crafter to link up to a theme, show off your makes and possibly win a gift certificate.

I’m going to try and be around a bit more often as I keep meaning to catch up on the books I’m reading and look another piece of shocking news for you………….. I’m SEWING!!! It has been awhile since I’ve had some enthusiasm and energy but I think it’s coming back…

Woodland Owl Hedgehog FabricCan a clever monkey guess what this might be?? I just need to find a cute owl button to finish it off…


Finish A Long- 2016- Quarter Two!

Oh yup it’s that time again to link up. Looking at my list last quarter I actually did better than I thought even if I didn’t show many of them.. Out of my main list of 7 I actually finished 5!! Practically a new record for me!

And for the first time in what feels like ever I’m completely swap/bee free just waiting for my Supernatural swap to arrive and a round robin that seems “lost” in the post. Seriously three months to cross the atlantic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ With that in mind there’s going to be a lot more “me” sewing and gifts yay!

So… what’s on the list this time?

2016-04-14-15.00.50.jpg.jpeg1. Quilt for Oliver- lovely the theme! Just trying to decide on what solid to co-ordinate on the border with…

2016-04-14-15.03.37.jpg.jpeg2-3. Beach quilt I pieced in summer 2012 and the christmas tablecloth I started in December

Milk, Flower and Sugar Hexagons EPP4. Milk, Flour and Sugar baby quilt

P11008855. Starry Irish Chain Quilt

P11008086. An item of clothing for me!


7. This Noah Ark embroidery for a canvas

8. Also some stitchy pies and other odds and ends for gifts.

What are you working on/linking up?

Decisions… decisions… and a finish!

Just whirling in quickly to sneak in another finish from my FAL 2016 Q1 List!

2016-04-07-07.15.06.jpg.jpegA Cheer bear! And just in time for my niece 2nd birthday on Monday! This is actually a kit meant for a five year but that tummy… let’s just say a lot of rude words was said and not entirely sure it’s going to last…

I also got to get a quilt finish to gift but am completely stuck…. do I go with any of the below or something completely new??

2016-04-07-07.16.35.jpg.jpegThis beast is 84″ quilted, backed with fleece and only awaiting binding. But it’s HUGE and a little heavy. I was luckily enough to test Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts design for this.

2016-04-07-07.20.36.jpg.jpegThen there’s this! A starry winnie the pooh but it’s only approx 38″ square at the moment and perhaps a little boyish? Not sure what else to add it to it…

2016-04-07-07.19.01.jpg.jpegLastly.. it’s the Harper quilt! Measuring approx 44″ square, it needs a kinda another border but maybe to lengthen it out top and bottom 2 rows of squares.

Argh whatever I got to crack on soon…. (apologies for photos, early morning not much room!)

Thimble Blossoms Mini Swap

Phew that’s another swap ticked off my list! Slowly but surely as my swap commitments are going down my sewjo is coming back ๐Ÿ™‚ I have one main swap left and a couple of bee blocks and looking forward to non swap crafting properly soon!

2016-02-16 17.59.04

In the meantime this is my mini in the Instagram Thimbleblossoms Swap. I had intended to do Piccadilly Circus but it seemed everyone was doing that! In the end I chose Vintage Tulips. Hopefully it will be liked…

2016-02-16 18.01.07

As an extra I chose a project from the 50 Fat Quarter Makes book- this lil basket- it’s the second smallest in the pattern but you can see how roomy it is! And it did not take long to come together at all.ย  I’ve also spoiled my partner by including the lil fox hoop and some fabric.

Now onto a cross stich project! (surprise surprise!) Annnd it’s another thing ticked off my FAL 2016 list ๐Ÿ™‚

Le Challenge – Round

It’s been awhile since I participated in Le Challenge and I kept meaning to try and finish something for each month :O Never happened though but this month’s theme is round and I have a few finishes this month that fits that!

2016-02-14-08.31.58.jpg.jpegI stitched this little guy up last night- isn’t he soooooooooo cute? Those who have been around awhile know I absolutely love anything woodland related ๐Ÿ˜€ And the words… well that’s me or was especially on Friday afternoon at work! Struggling with a very bad cold/head thing and expected to pull rabbits out of the hat and such like…..

The pattern is by the lovely Jenny of NerdyMcSticherson who has a lovely Etsy shop full of patterns.

Now obviously it’s in a round hoop… for reference of size the hoop is 4″. I’m really wanting to make a bigger one with a floral border as pastelly flowers go with everything right??

Linking up to this month’s Le Challenge– feel free to go check out everyone’s interpretation of the theme.

I’ve actually sewn something….

Yeah I’m still in shock! Me sewing… what is the world coming to! It’s definitely been a struggle past few months and not sure why.. too many projects or should I say too many commitment sewing and not enough for me? Whatever… let’s hope it’s getting over now ๐Ÿ™‚


So what have I been doing….. I’ve had this book Fifty Fat Quarter Makes for Christmas and been dying to try the crochet hook case for ages. Especially since I keep misplacing my hooks.. just when I want to pick up a yarn project.ย  This is for Tara as part of my #bigdamnheroesswap package. I’m not quite happy with the front it doesn’t mesh as well as I wanted it too but I messed up when cutting a couple of weeks ago. I’m blaming the sugar withdrawalness thing going through at the time… headaches, nausea and tiredness and not me okay!

2016-02-03-21.02.24.jpg.jpegReally want to do one for me soon! Also as part of the swap I did a cross stitch and some embroidery- Tara loves Jayne so can you see the theme….

2016-02-03-21.00.51.jpg.jpeg 2016-02-03-21.01.12.jpg.jpeg 2016-02-03-21.05.25.jpg.jpegI’ve had my parcel this week from the lovely Jenny of Nerdymcstitcherson isn’t it lovely!

2016-02-02-20.06.09.jpg.jpegHoping be back on track soon… I’ve got a few messages to reply to from last week so bear with me ๐Ÿ™‚

Also this is one of my finishes from the FAL 2016 list.


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