FAL Q4 2016

Well… this is embarrassing. I’ve not been around so long that my last post was previously “hoping to finish” for the last FAL quarter ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I had finished one thing on that list but forgot to show…

If you follow me on Instagram you probably seen that since I’ve been on the Simply Solids Retreat (more on that soon!) I’ve been sewing up a storm and since then currently working on my sixth top being pieced. Pieced not quilted mind!

Now apologies for my ultra long list but taking advantage of my productivity levels ๐Ÿ™‚

p11304471. Disney Cars Quilt for Oliver- I actually cut this out today and hoping finish piecing too! The quilt I finished in August was for his birthday and he loves it so much it’s not gone for a wash yet hence the need for a second… and then maybe a third. He’s only two but he loves them ๐Ÿ™‚

p11304492. Wonky Stars Quilt- birthday present

p11304513. Lullaby/Essex Linen QST quilt- no idea who for yet.. but I needed use the rest of the charms up!

p11304554. Northern Lights Quilt for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look seals! I don’t have a quilt of my own yet can you believe that??!! This is as far as I got thinking pairing with purples and precious DS fabrics to make a starry type pattern

p11304565. Hexie Dinosaur Quilt! Got to get a move on as I want to give this to Matthew for christmas. The hexie thing is a private joke between us… apparently I’m obsessed and they’re everyone and that also I believe in another age hence the need for a quilt…

p11304546-8: CHRISTMAS STUFF. More than 3 things here… but isn’t the Violet Craft bundle on the right soo pretty? Thinking turning into placemats and a table centrepieced matched with… a dark grey essex linen. Also here are plans for stockings for my sister, nephew and me! As well as bunting… (yes the dreaded b word)

p11304539. Liberty QST quilt- since I broke into my liberty stash on retreat I have been a bit ruthless…. Waiting to go to the West Country Quilt Show to stack up on more liberty for this. Teamed with Pure Elements Snow I’m hoping it’ll look gorgeous!

2016-04-10-17.21.30.jpg.jpeg10. Noah’s Ark Embroidery

2016-04-14-15.03.37.jpg.jpeg11-15- Quilting various things including this table cloth and the Irish Chain quilt that has been on my FAL list for like forever!

16- The Winter Sparkle ATC for the Veryberryhandmade swap ๐Ÿ™‚

I also want to do stitchy pies, maker totes and a supernatural themed satchel but think I have a lot to be getting on with!

Who else is creating stuff for christmas? Linking up…

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  1. Your list is very exciting. Good luck with your finishes. I look forward to seeing them.

  2. Good luck Hannah!

  3. It all looks fabulous!


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